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1. Breeding, Marshall. AquaBrowser gaining traction in U.S.. (full text Full text available) Smart Libraries Newsletter [October 2005]

2. Breeding, Marshall. TLC buys into AMH and RFID. (full text Full text available) Smart Libraries Newsletter [June 2005]

3. Breeding, Marshall. TLC strikes exclusive deal with Aquabrowser. (full text Full text available) Smart Libraries Newsletter [June 2005]

4. Barry, Jeff. Automated system marketplace 2001: closing in on content. Library Journal [April 15, 2001]

5. TLC acquires CARL Corp.. Library Systems Newsletter [August 2000]

6. Breeding, Marshall. The Library Corporation acquires CARL Corporation. (full text Full text available) Information Today [September 2000]

7. TLC adds Asian MARC to ITS.MARC Database. Library Systems Newsletter [July 2000]

8. Barry, Jeff~Griffiths, Jose-Marie; Peiling Wang. Automated system marketplace 2000: delivering the personalized library. Library Journal [April 1, 2000]

9. TLC inks 300th contract. Library Systems Newsletter [May 2000]

10. Annual survey of automated library system vendors: integrated, multi-user, multi-function systems running on main-frames, minis, and micros that use a multi-user operating system. Library Systems Newsletter [February / March 2000]

11. TLC signs 232nd contract. Library Systems Newsletter [November 1999]

12. Dorman, David. Technically speaking: annual conference exhibits new products in New Orleans. American libraries [August 1999]

13. TLC releases Library.Solution version 2.00. Library Systems Newsletter [August 1999]

14. Pigasus Software and TLC form alliance. Information Today [July / August 1999]

15. Library.Solution experiences sales burst. Library Systems Newsletter [June 1999]

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