A directory of libraries throughout the world

Ainsworth, NE. Ainsworth Public Library. ( Ainsworth, Nebraska United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum] +

Battle Creek, NE. Lied Battle Creek Public Libray. ( Battle Creek, Nebraska United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum] +

Boscawen, NH. Boscawen Public Library. ( Boscawen, New Hampshire United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum]

Chichester School District. Chichester Central School. ( Chichester, New Hampshire United States) [Atriuum]

Childersburg, AL. Earle A. Rainwater Memorial Library. ( Childersburg, Alabama United States) Display all the libraries participating in: Cheaha Regional Library [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum]

Clinton Junior College. Richard L. Fisher Memorial Library. ( Rock Hill, South Carolina United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum] +

Culberson County, TX. Van Horn City County Library. ( Van Horn, Texas United States) [Atriuum] +

Cushing, IA. Cushing Community and School Library. ( Cushing, Iowa United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum] +

Deerfield School District. Deerfield Community School. ( Deerfield, New Hampshire United States) [Atriuum]

Diocese of California and Diocese of E. Camino Real. Episcopal Resource Center. ( Sunnyvale, California United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum] +

Elgin, OK. Elgin Community Library. ( Elgin, Oklahoma United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum] +

Epsom School District. Epsom Central School. ( Epsom, New Hampshire United States) [Atriuum]

Fairfield, ME. Lawrence Public Library. ( Fairfield, Maine United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum] +

Gordo, AL. Gordo Public Library. ( Gordo, Alabama United States) Display all the libraries participating in: Pickens County Cooperative Library [web site ]  [Atriuum]

Gregory, SD. Gregory Public Library. ( Gregory, South Dakota United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum]

Holderness, NH. Holderness Free Library. ( Holderness, New Hampshire United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum] +

Keosauqua, IA. Keosauqua Public Library. ( Keosauqua, Iowa United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum] +

Langley, OK. Langley Public Library. ( Langley, Oklahoma United States) [web site ]  [Atriuum] +

Limestone, ME. Robert A. Frost Memorial Library. ( Limestone, Maine United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum] +

Lumberton, TX. Lumberton Public Library. ( Lumberton, Texas United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Atriuum] +

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.

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