A directory of libraries throughout the world

Auro University. Auro University of Hospitality and Management. ( Surat, India) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys - India]

Beihang University. Beihang University Library. 北京航空航天大学 ( BeiJing, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Library. ( Beijing, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Central Power Research Institute. Library and Information Centre. ( Bangalore, India) [LibSys]

Centre for Development Studies. K.N. Raj Library. ( Trivandrum, India) [web site ]  [LibSys - India] +

Centre for Science and Environment. Environment Resources Unit. ( New Delhi, India) [web site ]  [LibSys - India] +

Chang'an University. Chang'an University Library. ( Xi'an, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

China Pharmaceutical University. China Pharmaceutical University Library. ( TongJia, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Dalian University of Technology. Dalian University of Technology Library. ( Dalian, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Delhi College Of Engineering:. Knowledge Centre and Library Online. ( Delhi, India) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys]

Donghua University. Donghua University Library. ( Shanghai, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Hamdard University. Hakim Mohammed Said Central Library. ( New Delhi, India) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys - India]

Hohai University. Hohai University Library. ( Nanjing, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research Library. ( Mumbai, India) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys]

Inner Mongolia University. Inner Mongolia University Library. ( Hohhot, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida. Library and Resource Centre. ( NOIDA, India) [web site ]  [LibSys - India]

Liaoning Shihua University. Liaoning University of Petrolium and Technology Library. 辽宁石油化工大学图书馆 ( Liaoning, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Nanchang University. Nanchang University Library. ( Nanchang, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Nanjing Agricultural University. Nanjing Agricultural University Library. ( Nanjing, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

Nanjing University. Nanjing University Library. ( Nanjing, China) [web site ]  [online catalog] [LibSys] +

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