A directory of libraries throughout the world

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin Library. ( Austin, Texas United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Altamonte Springs, FL. Altamonte Springs City Library. ( Altamonte Springs, Florida United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Beech Grove High School. Beech Grove High School Library. ( Beech Grove, Indiana United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Calhoun High School. Calhoun High School Media Center. ( Calhoun, Georgia United States) [web site ]  [Surpass]

Cumberland University. Doris and Harry Vise Library. ( Lebanon, Tennessee United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Durham, NH. Durham Public Library. ( Durham, New Hampshire United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Falls Church Presbyterian Church. Falls Church Presbyterian Church Library. ( Falls Church, Virginia United States) [web site ]  [Surpass] +

Grapeland, TX. Grapeland Public Library. ( Grapeland, Texas United States) [web site ]  [Surpass] +

Jackson Creek Middle School. Jackson Creek Middle School Library. ( Bloomington, Indiana United States) [web site ]  [Surpass]

Johnson County School District. Johnson County School Libraries. ( Buffalo, Wyoming United States) [Surpass] +

Kirbyville, TX. Kirbyville Public Library. ( Kirbyville, Texas United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Kountze, TX. Kountze Public Library. ( Kountze, Texas United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Lambertville, NJ. Lambertville Public Library. ( Lambertville, New Jersey United States) [web site ]  [Surpass] +

Maynardville, TN. Maynardville Public Library. ( Maynardville, Tennessee United States) [web site ]  [Surpass] +

McMinnville, TN. William H. & Edgar Magness Community House and Library. ( McMinnville, Tennessee United States) [web site ]  [Surpass] +

Munford, TN. Munford-Tipton Memorial Public Library. ( Munford, Tennessee United States) [web site ]  [Surpass]

Myers Park United Methodist Church. Myers Park United Methodist Church Library. ( Charlotte, North Carolina United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

National Presbyterian Church. William Smith Culbertson Memorial Library. ( Washington, District of Columbia United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass] +

Naval Undersea Museum. Ralph Enos Library. ( Keyport, Washington United States) [web site ]  [Surpass] +

  Norristown Area School District. Norristown Area High School. ( Norristown, Pennsylvania United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Surpass]

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