Library Journal [April 1, 2003]

Automation marketplace 2003: the competition heats up

Breeding, Marshall; Roddy, Carol.

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Image for Automation marketplace 2003: the competition heats up In 2002, the move away from outdated systems fueled sales in the library automation market. Companies with legacy systems pulled out all the stops to retain customers and entice them to migrate to their replacement systems. Companies today are seeking to increase revenue through products and services beyond the basic library automation system. Digital library systems, reference linking products, federated search environments, and enhanced-content web-based OPACS are but a few of the products that increasingly influence the marketplace.

Publication Year:2003
Type of Material:Article
Published in: Library Journal
Publication Info:Volume 128 Number 6
Issue:April 1, 2003
Publisher:Reed Business Information,
Series: Automation Marketplace
Subject: Library automation vendors -- profiles
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