Smart Libraries Newsletter [June 2005]

The chronicles of Dynix

Breeding, Marshall.

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A brief historical review of the library automation systems this company has created in its twenty-two-year history:

As this historical overview indicates, the demarcations from one generation to the next are not always distinct or abrupt. But even evolutionary transitions mark important transitions through the preferred technology architectures and computing platforms of each time period.

Marketing strategy often plays as great a role as technology “advancements” are released. Ironically, Horizon, the system originally positioned for academic libraries, now stands as the company's strategic offering for public libraries.

Horizon has been the system the company has promoted to libraries ready to migrate from aging Dynix implementations. As the lion's share of the Dynix customer base consisted of public libraries, it stands to reason that much of the Horizon development focused on the needs of publics—to keep customers from migrating competing companies' systems.

In the last few years, the majority of libraries running the legacy Dynix system have selected Dynix's next system. Once that round of legacy migrations is complete, the public library automation market basically will be saturated, with almost all libraries running a current system. In order to continue to expand their customer base, the company needed a system (hence the recent release of Corinthian) with strong appeal to academic libraries.

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