Computers in Libraries [June 2013]

Mining Data for Library Decision Support

Breeding, Marshall.

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Image for Mining Data for Library Decision Support A library's technology infrastructure should be well-aligned with its broad strategic mission, providing support for its operations in ways that results in the best possible service. In today's economically challenging environment, libraries lean on technology to automate their daily activities and to accomplish as much as possible with the fewest number of people, stretching their collection funds as far as possible. Each of the layers of technology in place must also provide the strongest tools possible to yield analytical data in support of measuring the performance and efficiency of the related areas. The churn of daily activity performed on a system produces an incredible amount of data that, with the right tools and processes in place, can be exploited to refine workflows, analyze budget allocations and expenditures, or inform other operational or strategic decisions. Libraries increasingly strive to follow data-driven management of their resources as they shape their collections, deploy their personnel, and design their virtual presence.

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