Computers in Libraries [October 2013]

Library Technology: The Next Generation

Breeding, Marshall.

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Image for Library Technology: The Next Generation Next-generation library automation products and services have been the focus of attention in the library community for the last few years. It seems that there is tremendous interest in systems that are better aligned with the issues libraries face today. New discovery and library management platforms have emerged from research and development stages into real-world use in libraries. People are seeing intense competition among these new systems and between them and the new versions of established products. The author see them as being at a critical time in the realm of library technologies, with many organizations working to break out of established conceptual, functional, and technological bounds. Sweeping changes in libraries drive the urgency for a new generation of technology products and services to support them. The composition of library collections have changed to include higher proportions of electronic and digital materials relative to print. Some of the subsequent generational cycles were based largely on transitions in computing platforms.

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