April 15, 2014

OCLC and Ingram help libraries manage e-book collections more efficiently. OCLC

OCLC is working with Ingram, one of the world’s largest distributors of physical and digital content, to set and maintain holdings for e-books in WorldCat automatically, saving library staff valuable time and effort. This new program enables libraries with an OCLC cataloging subscription and an account with MyiLibrary, Ingram’s online e-content platform for libraries, to request integration of their MyiLibrary e-book holdings information with the WorldCat knowledge base. E-book holdings information will then be populated and updated automatically, with no need for manual work by library staff.

April 7, 2014

Danish library collections now discoverable worldwide in real time through WorldCat. OCLC

Dansk Bibliotekscenter is partnering with OCLC to synchronize DANBIB, the Danish national union catalog, with WorldCat, making real-time updates that will result in faster visibility of the collections around the world through leading websites and search engines.

April 3, 2014

Echtzeit-Synchronisierung dänischer Bibliotheksbestände mit WorldCat. OCLC

Das Dansk Bibliotekscenter (DBC) und OCLC arbeiten gemeinsam daran, den nationalen Verbundkatalog DANBIB mit WorldCat zu synchronisieren. Effekt ist die noch schnellere Sichtbarkeit dänischer Bibliotheksbestände in führenden Webseiten und Suchmaschinen weltweit. DANBIB ist der erste Katalog, der keine OCLC-Katalogisierungs-Services nutzt und seine Datenbank in Echtzeit mit WorldCat synchronisiert. So wird der volle Nutzen der Syndizierung über WorldCat, der weltweit größten Online-Datenbank für bibliografische Datensätze, ausgeschöpft.

April 2, 2014

WorldCat Discovery Services is now available. OCLC

OCLC announced that WorldCat Discovery Services is now available, making it possible for library staff and users currently using FirstSearch to move to a richer discovery experience. WorldCat Discovery has been developed and refined based on input and feedback from a 30-member Advisory Group and more than 650 FirstSearch beta test libraries around the world.

March 31, 2014

Research Solutions integrates with ILLiad software system to improve content accessibility for academic institutions. OCLC

Research Solutions, Inc, a pioneer in facilitating the flow of information from the publishers of scientific, technical, and medical content to enterprise customers in Life Sciences and other research intensive organizations around the world, today announced that article supply system Article Galaxy from wholly-owned subsidiary Reprints Desk Inc., was now integrated into the ILLiad resource sharing management software that is distributed exclusively by OCLC.

March 28, 2014

NetAdvance and OCLC to add Japanese-language content to WorldCat. OCLC

OCLC and NetAdvance are working together to add metadata from the JapanKnowledge and JK Books collections to WorldCat, the world’s most comprehensive online catalog of library resources, increasing discovery and access to these rich Japanese-language resources.

March 19, 2014

Diözesan- und Pastoralbibliothek Augsburg entscheidet sich für SISIS-SunRise. OCLC

Die Diözesan- und Pastoralbibliothek Augsburg hat der OCLC GmbH den Auftrag zur Ausstattung ihrer Bibliothek mit dem Bibliotheksmanagementsystem SISIS-SunRise erteilt. zukünftig ihre ca. 90.000 Medieneinheiten mit dem BibliotheksmanagementsystemSISIS-SunRise von OCLC verwalten. Zum Einsatz kommen die Module Erwerbung, Katalogisierung, Ausleihe und der Enduserservice OCLC TouchPoint.

March 6, 2014

Public libraries partner with Redbox and OCLC to extend free, fun ‘Outside the Box’ events to 20 new communities. OCLC

Libraries in communities across the country will partner with Redbox, America’s destination for entertainment, and OCLC to produce free, fun, public entertainment events. Developed and funded by Redbox, “Outside the Box” will bring people together for these events in 20 new communities this year.During a 2013 pilot program, 12 Outside the Box events reached over 3,000 people around the country. Pilot efforts were led by public libraries and their communities, and supported by OCLC and consultants at the Project for Public Spaces (PPS). Building on the pilot’s success, Outside the Box will extend to 20 new communities in 2014, reinforcing the goal of creating great places where community members can gather and connect. Public libraries will remain central to Outside the Box, leading community planning sessions and event design.

March 4, 2014

Genealogists can now find FamilySearch and WorldCat records through both online resources. OCLC

OCLC and FamilySearch International are working together to share data between WorldCat and the FamilySearch Catalog to provide more resources for improved genealogy research. More than 1 million FamilySearch genealogical records are now discoverable in WorldCat, the world’s largest database of records representing resources in libraries worldwide. Links to WorldCat are now available on FamilySearch.org.

March 3, 2014

Julie Presas named OCLC General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services. OCLC

Julie Presas has been promoted to General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services of OCLC, the Dublin-based library cooperative that provides services and research to libraries worldwide.

February 27, 2014

Niederländisches UKB-Konsortium entscheidet sich für OCLC WorldShare. OCLC

Das UKB-Konsortium, bestehend aus 13 niederländischen Universitätsbibliotheken und der Nationalbibliothek der Niederlande, unterzeichnete eine Übereinkunft zur Migration ihrer Bibliotheksdienste auf OCLC WorldShare.

February 14, 2014

National Library of Sweden signs agreement on CCO license with OCLC. National Library of Sweden

The Swedish National Library and OCLC have signed an agreement on use of Creative commons for Libris (Swedish union catalogue) data derived from WorldCat. Similar agreements have been entered into by the national library with the Library of Congress and three European national libraries, including the British library, French National Library and the German national library). The Swedish national library and Libris libraries have also re-initiated negotiations regarding membership in OCLC/WorldCat.

UKB consortium in the Netherlands to move to OCLC WorldShare. OCLC

The UKB consortium of Dutch university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands have signed a new agreement to move library services to OCLC WorldShare.

UKB stapt over op het OCLC WorldShare Platform. OCLC

Vandaag kondigen het samenwerkingsverband UKB en OCLC aan dat ze tijdens een bijzondere vergadering in Utrecht de consortiumovereenkomst hebben getekend voor de overgang van de informatie-infrastructuur van de Nederlandse universiteitsbibliotheken naar het OCLC WorldShare Platform.

February 3, 2014

320 million records from ProQuest Central now discoverable through WorldCat Discovery Services. OCLC

More than 320 million records from 88 collections in the award-winning ProQuest Central database are now discoverable, and the full text associated with those records is now accessible to mutual subscribers through OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services. The new discovery experience is possible through a data exchange agreement signed in 2013 by OCLC and ProQuest to enhance library discovery for users of WorldCat Discovery Services and the ProQuest Central full-text database. The program shares metadata from some of the world’s most-widely used library collections, enriching the content and creating connections for users of both ProQuest Central and WorldCat Discovery.

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