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Air Force Institute of Technology. ( Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio United States) [EOS.Web] +

Bellin College. ( Green Bay, Wisconsin United States) [EOS.Web]

Byzantine Catholic Seminary of Saints Cyril and Methodius. ( Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States) [EOS.Web] +

Capitol Technology University. ( Laurel, Maryland United States) [EOS.Web] +

Clarkson College. ( Omaha, Nebraska United States) [EOS.Web]

Colby Community College. ( Colby, Kansas United States) [EOS.Web] +

Delaware College of Art and Design. ( Wilmington, Delaware United States) [EOS.Web] +

Escuela Universitaria de Turismo Altamira. ( Santander, Cantabria Spain) [EOS.Web] +

Florida College. ( Temple Terrace, Florida United States) [EOS.Web] +

Hill College. ( Hillsboro, Texas United States) [EOS.Web]

Institute of World Politics. ( Washington, District of Columbia United States) [EOS.Web] +

International University of Monaco. ( Monte-Carlo, Monaco) [EOS.Web]

Kielce University of Technology. Politechnika Świętokrzyska ( Kielce, Poland) [EOS.Web] +

Manhattan Christian College. ( Manhattan, Kansas United States) [EOS.Web] +

Maranatha Baptist University. ( Watertown, Wisconsin United States) [EOS.Web] +

Mid-America Christian University. ( Oklahoma City, Oklahoma United States) [EOS.Web] +

New Hope Christian College. ( Eugene, Oregon United States) [EOS.Web]

Newman University. ( Wichita, Kansas United States) [EOS.Web] +

Northland Pioneer College. ( Holbrook, Arizona United States) [EOS.Web] +

Northpoint Bible College. ( Haverhill, Massachusetts United States) [EOS.Web] +