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Volume 20 Number 12December 2000
Supreme court to hear copyright case
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether the publisher of a print publication may add an article written by a freelance writer to an electronic database without the author's permission when there is no contract between the parties or the contract does not specifically cover the future use of the article in an electronic database. Six freelance writers are pursuing the case and claim the right to publish a printed version of an articles does not automatically include the right to publish it electronically.
epixtech stresses suitability of Horizon for public libraries and small libraries 92
Ex Libris moves beyond academic library market 92-93
Geac cutting workers to position itself for possible sale 93
Innovative's Millennium to support Mac OS X clients and netLibrary eBooks 93
OCLC will distribute ILLiad software 94
Sirsi teams with Northern Light 94
Dell cuts server prices 94
IBM Mainframe Rivals Bow Out 94-95
CRN Test Center releases UPS ratings 95
T-Carrier line speeds 95
OSHA releases workplace ergonomic rule 95
FCC opens more wireless spectrum 96
Panel doesn't push filtering 96
International Union Catalog of Braille and Audio Materials expands 96
Washington's diaries available online 96
OCLC releases Web data 97
Image drivers explained 97
AMD introduces new chip sets 97
Windows 2000 is a family 97-98
Volume 20 Number 11November 2000
A Look at Desktop Storage Options 83-85
Endeavor ILL module in beta testing 85
epixtech's Remote Patron Authentication wins support 85
Innovative Adds 38 accounts in first eight months of 2000 85
Integral Concepts releases ZSearcher 85-86
Gaylord releases new Galaxy WebPAC 86
Sirsi teams with Syndetics Solutions to deliver enhanced bibliographic data 86
SISIS wins Rotterdam 86-87
Compaq versus Sun 87
Fiber costs closing in on copper 87
Intel announces Pentium 4 88
Microsoft releases Windows ME 88
Dell to build wireless LANs into Notebooks 88
Majority of those not online, do not plan to go online 88-89
DOJ seeks speedy review of Microsoft case 89
EBSCO Online Hits 1 Million Article Target 89
JVC introduces multimedia projector 89-90
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome revisited 90
Volume 20 Number 10October 2000
Wireless LAN technology catches on 75-77
Cybertools for Libraries 77
EOS International corrects customer support statistics 77
Endeavor reports acceptance by LC 77
epixtech releases ILL RSS 3.1 77-78
Sirsi and Blue Angel implement Z39.50 Bath Profile 78
B&T offers EDIFACT ordering and invoicing 78
Standards study completed 78-79
HP upgrades to Ultra 3 SCSI 79
Why Unicode 79-80
Web Feet adds MARC records 80
Linux bodies merge 80
Metropolitan Area Networks proliferate 80
IEEE taskforce drafting 10 Gbps standard 80
Projecting documents and 3-D images 81
Fortres introduces Clean Slate 81
Netscape 6 preview 81
Digital divide statistics available 81-82
Electronic ink and paper 82
National Online and IOLS 2001 scheduled 82
Volume 20 Number 09September 2000
Compare maintenance charges to determine long-term costs 67
Thin versus fat clients 68
DRA is shopping 68-69
Dynix to Horizon migrations increase 69-70
Innovative introduces new products 70
Sirsi establishes itself in consortium market 70
Sagebrush introduces serials control product 70-71
Hubs and switches revisited 71
Wireless for bookmobiles 71
Intel developing the Pentium 4 71-72
American Memory Collections reach 70 72
Ebsco adds Biological Abstracts 72
Ebsco introduces Reading Room 72
Internet filtering legislation update 72-73
European Commission moves against Microsoft 73
Identifying full-text sources 73
Canon introduces 2,750 lumen portable digital projector 73-74
LITA announces Third Annual National Forum 74
Volume 20 Number 08August 2000
Internet filtering controversy continues 59-60
The life expectancy of library-vendor relationships 61
DRA's Taos live at several sites 61
EOS International's Q Version 3.0 released 61
epixtech and DRA announce joint development 61-62
epixtech Announces Horizon with Sunrise 6.0 62
Ex Libris signs SUNY 62-63
Innovative quietly offers imaging support 63
TLC acquires CARL Corp. 63
VTLS shows Chameleon Gateway at ALA 63-64
Bath Profile sets specifications for Z39.50 64
Outsourcing by another name 64-65
Sun stands for profit 65 becomes 65
FirstSearch migration nearing completion 65
Standards issue limits e-Signatures 65-66
PC prices drop slightly 66
Microsoft and DOJ await Supreme Court decision 66
Volume 20 Number 07July 2000
The use of viability criteria in the qualifying of vendors 51-52
Workstations for patrons 52-53
Endeavor announces digital library collections management product 54
Ex Libris offers Linux on Intel servers 54-55
Linux not just for little systems 55
Gaylord deploys 350+ user NT systems 55
Dansk Data Electronik resurfaces as eHuset DDE 55
Sirsi delivers Unicorn 99.4 55-56
TLC adds Asian MARC to ITS.MARC Database 56
CASPR introduces service bureau on the Web 56
NISO to hold standard test 56
Thomson may revamp Dialog 56-57
Implications of a possible Microsoft breakup 57-58
Microsoft launches free online version of Encarta World English Dictionary 58
Oxford English Dictionary goes online 58
Volume 20 Number 06June 2000
Distance learning impacts libraries 43-44
Ex Libris opens east coast office 44-45
Gaylord Polaris 1.4 offers improved performance 45
Sirsi releases Version 99.4 of Unicorn 45
Follett releases v4.1 45
Sagebrush releases Athena v8.1 45-46
Vendors' experience with large and small systems 46
SIRS Mandarin M3 v.1.1 released 46
Management Dynamics becomes 46
XML hype and EDI reality 46-47
Hubs versus switches 47
RFID technology gains acceptance in Singapore 48
Arabic cataloging pilot seeks participants 48
Ovid adds Pre-MEDLINE 48
JSTOR's General Science Collection selected by 220 libraries 48-49
Web of Science Proceedings on the Internet 49
The price point goes up to 700 MHz 49
PC manufacturers move to on-line support 49-50
Microsoft ruling expected in fall 50
Digital signature legislation expected this year 50
Volume 20 Number 05May 2000
Customer Support Ratios Slip 35-36
Elsevier acquires Endeavor 36-37
Innovative allies with netLibrary 37
TLC inks 300th contract 37-38
Linux is coming 38
Inmagic, Inc. submits its data 38-39
Cable modems may offer unreliable bandwidth 39
AT&T introduces flat-rate wireless data service 39
Study documents growth of fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet 39-40
Arguments in Microsoft remedy hearing set for May 24 40
EBSCOhost adds NTIS 40
CORC adds GPO to list of participants 40
Videoconferencing leaps forward 40-41
EDI statistics compiled 41
Delorme offers 55,000 Quad maps in electronic form 41-42
Full-MARC records for Websites 42
Checkpoint and Gemplus seek RFID standards 42
Volume 20 Number 04April 2000
Annual survey of PC- and Mac-based library system vendors 27-34
Volume 20 Number 02February / March 2000
Annual survey of automated library system vendors: integrated, multi-user, multi-function systems running on main-frames, minis, and micros that use a multi-user operating system 9-25
Volume 20 Number 01January 2000
Acceptance testing- initial and ongoing
Most RFPs for the procurement of an automated library system call for acceptance testing after installation. While this is a good idea, it is rare for a system from a major vendor to fail such testing when undertaken shortly after the initial installation.
Ameritech Library Services now epixtech, inc.
In November, it was announced that Ameritech Library Services (ALS) had been sold to a private investment group. In late December, the company adopted a new name, epixtech, inc.
Endeavor signs 25th ARL
Endeavor Information Systems has announced that the University of Hawaii has signed a letter of intent to purchase the Voyager integrated library system. The University of Hawaii is the 25th Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member to choose Voyager since Endeavor's inception. Including this system, Endeavor has captured 20% of the ARL marketplace.
Ex Libris grows and moves
Ex Libris has announced the signing of the Brandeis University Library, its third major academic library account in the United States in the past three months. The Brandeis system will support 100 concurrent users on a SUN Enterprise 450 hardware platform.
Innovative leads in the law library market
The Contributing Editor has recently been invited to make a presentation at a meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). As part of the research several library automation vendors were asked to provide listings of their law library installations. Innovative Interfaces is the clear leader in this market segment. Its total number of North American law library customers is currently 127.
Keystone Systems, Inc. forwarding address has expired
Keystone Systems, also known as KLAS is one of a number of companies that relocated more than a year ago. A library planning to send out RFPs to vendors should verify that current addresses are being used for all vendors.
Open Text Corporation
Information Dimensions Inc. , the automated library system vendor that sold a large number of BASIS Techlib systems in the special library market worldwide has a new owner and a new name. The company to contact is Open Text Corporation.
ProData address change
ProData, a vendor of automated library system software for IBM AS/400 machines is no longer at the address listed in most directories.
ILS evolving to SydneyPLUS
International Library Systems has begun to de-emphasize its name in recent advertising and on its letterhead. The new name, in large print, is "SydneyPLUS International." Its original name still appears in small print, but the company is clearly seeking to take advantage of the better known name of its principal product. Its Web address and e-mail address also reflect this new emphasis.
COMPanion extends free software promotion 5
Deteriorating PC performance explained 5-6
New Web resource library from Winnebago software 6
OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections online passes 2100 mark 6
Microsoft finally finishes Windows 2000 6-7
Barnes & Noble plans print-on-demand sales 7
Ambassador hosts TechPro office 7
Corrections to LTR "Security Products" issue 7-8
Internet service for the visually impaired 8
EBSCO Online offers lists of titles and publishers 8
Volume 19 Number 12December 1999
Microsoft and DOJ far from finished 91-93
EOS releases Q Series Report Writer 93
Ex Libris rolls on 93
Endeavor signs 37 in July-September period 93-94
Inmagic releases DB/Text for Libraries 94
SIRSI introduces small bundled system 94
Hold off on LCD purchases 94
Token-Ring standards body discusses its future 94-95
Wireless LAN standard approved 95
EDI and XML 95
OCLC announces plans for WebExpress 95
Home technology gap documented 95-96
Anti-virus downloads for Y2K 96
Centralized anti-virus management evolves 96
Pentium III/450s drop below $1,500 96
Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 96-97
Video conferencing costs drop 97
Procomm's CD-ROM server receives top rating 97
Digital signature bill fails in house 97-98
HP tries again 98
National Online Meeting & IOLS scheduled 98
Volume 19 Number 11November 1999
RAID 0, 1, and 5 83-84
EOSi Releases Q Series V.2 83-84
Innovative's 86th contract for '99 84
Sirsi announces alliance 84-85
TLC signs 232nd contract 85
Follett distributes release 4.0 85
Sagebrush Technologies signs Atlanta schools 85
Winnebago releases Spectrum 4 85
HP tries again 85
Testing CAT 5 UTP 85-86
DSL technology remains confusing 86-87
Putting the bookmobile online 87
Dell PCs and servers for less 87
MITINET/marc software promises windows 87
EBSCO publishing adds databases 87
Earthlink-Mind-Spring merger creates giant 87
Virus scanning moving to ISPs 88
Protecting PC data 88
Saving desktop space 89
Microsoft to extend support of Windows 9x 89
Netscape Communicator 4.7 suite released 89
Speech recognition update 89
Computer definitions online 89
Ameritech Library Systems changes owners
Ameritech Library Services (ALS) will be acquired by a private investment group led by 21st Century Group and Green Leaf Ridge Company. Headquarters will stay in Provo, Utah and the staff of 520 will grow, rather than shrink, because the reconstituted company's goal is to commit a more substantial portion of revenues to product development and sales. [John Ware, president of 21st Century Group died in May 2010]
Volume 19 Number 10October 1999
An updated cost comparison of CAT 5 and fiber optic cable 75-76
Standalone CSU/DSUs still viable 76
RoweCom Inc. acquires Dawson Information Group 76-77
XML may displace EDI 77
Best-Seller gets capital infusion 77-78
DRA announces third quarter results 78
Library of Congress goes into production with Endeavor Voyager 78
Geac customers turn to Sun 78
Innovative strengthens its position in consortium market 78-79
Sirsi signs six colleges 79
SIRS adds visual catalog 79
Frame relay use grows 79
OCLC milestones 79-80
Windows 2000 and 'thin client" costs 80
Zen drives improve CD-ROM performance 80
Slim browsers 80
Computer firewalls 80-81
Ovid ADDS OUP and AMED 81
SilverPlatter adds Wilson OmniFile full text select 81
Gale Group signs up 89 newspapers 81
Britannica focuses on Internet 81
Ameritech offers remote patron authentication 82
Volume 19 Number 09September 1999
Endeavor signs 38 contracts in three months 68
Carl adds database validation 69
Inmagic acquires BiblioTech Pro 69
SIRS Mandarin pursues larger accounts 69
Three automated library system vendors named to VARBusiness 500 69
Compaq offers low-cost Unix server 69-70
HP introduces fault-tolerant NT servers 70
Tips for realizing 99.9% up-time 70
Old switches and routers may not be Y2K compliant 70
Anti-virus software packages reach best-seller lists 71
SuperNet deployment begun 71
XML: the non-standard standard 72
White box sales compete with major manufacturers 72
Microsoft posts Win 98, Explorer fixes 73
Windows 2000 caveat 73
Model licensing agreement for electronic journals 73
EBSCO passes 2,100 electronic journals mark 73-74
Ovid adds Oxford University Press 74
Notebook service plan announced 74
Just how old is the Internet? 74
Volume 19 Number 08August 1999
11 Mbps Wireless LAN standard nearing completion 59-60
Ameritech Library Services broadens the scope of its services 60
EOS enhances the Q Series 60-61
Endeavor's UK office signs major accounts 61
KLAS strengthens position in special needs libraries 61-62
TLC releases Library.Solution version 2.00 62
Gateway introduces affordable LCD PC 62
Database clean-up time 62-63
CatExpress fully operational 63
DRA's Internet service passes 10th birthday 63
Web growth outstrips search engines' capacities 63-64
Bell & Howell purchases Electric Library 64
Stripping Web ads 64
EBSCOhost adds El Compendex 64-65
The big four dominate corporate PC market 65
Healing PCs 65
Microsoft trial nears end 65
Electronic book '99 announced 65-66
Volume 19 Number 07July 1999
ALA Annual Conference, large vendors target of negative marketing 51-52
DRA moves ahead with Taos 53
Innovative shows Kidsonline 53
Sirsi releases Unicorn 99.2 53
Gaylord positions Polaris for K-12 market 54
CSU designs its own journal access program 54
Java versus C/C++ 54-55
High availability requirements point to Unix 55
PC price expectations change 55
International Library Systems announces new Sydney module 56
Patent database released 56
Ovid reaches 300 title goal 56
Ex Libris roars 56
Authentication options 57
VTLS migrates MicroVTLS customers to NT 57
Geac shows circulation client 57-58
ATM begins to fade 58
Volume 19 Number 06June 1999
Evaluating customer support 43-44
DRA second quarter results released 44-45
Endeavor reports strong sales 44-45
Ex Libris continues to rack up sales in Europe 45
Gaylord's Polaris adds two more 45
Innovative signs 40 new accounts in 14 weeks 45-46
Sirsi celebrates 20 years 46
Library.Solution experiences sales burst 46
77 WV libraries upgrade with VTLS 46
Bestseller signs seven Quebec libraries 46
Project URL offers wealth of information about library automation 47
FCC plans e-rate program expansion 47
MCI introduces circuit view 47
Disaster recovery sourcebook released 47
OCLC to discontinue work-station sales and service 48
Major PC manufacturers establish Y2K siteOCLC to discontinue work-station sales and service 48
Microsoft ships beta 3 of Windows 2000 48
Winners announced in National Digital Library 48
Publishers cautious about e-books 48
More Internet bottlenecks 49
Federal government launches fee-based search engine 49
Free Web site hosting for medical libraries 49
OCLC Electronic Collections Online expands 49
SilverLInker passes milestone 50
Volume 19 Number 05May 1999
Annual survey of PC- and Mac-based library system vendors 35-42
Volume 19 Number 03March / April 1999
Annual survey of automated library system vendors: integrated, multi-user, multi-function systems running on main-frames, minis, and micros that use a multi-user operating system 17-34
Volume 19 Number 02February 1999
Carl/UnCover sold 10
DRA sales lag 10-11
Endeavor and Ex Libris join NISO 11
EOS International broadens "Q" product's functionality 11
Geac acquires assets of Stowe Computing 11-12
Innovative introduces KidsOnline 12
Soutron moves its offices 12
TLC introduces MARC-Z 12
VTLS opens new subsidiary 12
Vendors disagree on NT 13
Sun increases market share 13
OCLC and WLN merge 13
PC prices drop again 13
Universal serial bus finally taking hold 14
Windows 2000 delayed again 14
Slow Internet access common 14-15
Preservation resources offers protection for microfilm 15
National leadership grant guidelines released 15-16
ACRL conference theme: Racing Toward Tomorrow 16
Bowker publishes Global Books in Print 16
Ameritech renames NextGen 9-10
Volume 19 Number 01January 1999
CAT 5 cabling tips 1-2
Carl signs large consortium for Dialog@Carl 2
Ex Libris (USA) appoints Grant as president 2-3
Geac announces plus enhancements 3
ILS adds web link field 3
Sirsi issues semi-annual report 3-4
BLCMP to become Talis Information Ltd. 4
CPS systems enhances URSA 4-5
Intel lines up Unix partners 5
Oracle is the leading DBMS company 5
E-rate letters sent 5
Moving PC control to the network 5
Paper for laser printers 5
Buying PCs and other computer products on the Internet 6
OCLC adds 313 members 6
Public library Internet connections 6
Time out products for Internet PCs 6
Filtering out unwanted ads and cookies 6-7
EBSCO adds more electronic journals 7
ISI provides link to Web content 7
HTTP next generation in design 7
Outsourcing's downside 7-8
High resolution confusion 8
High-resolution LCD projector ratings 8
Volume 18 Number 12December 1998
Server price differences may reflect support level 89-90
Endeavor revenues up 90
Best-Seller still active in the US 90-91
III public library sales add public libraries
The Tulsa City-County Public Library and the Nalmo (Sweden) City Library, one of the largest public libraries in Europe, are the latest public library awards for Innovative Interfaces.
TLC announces 17 new customers 91
Linux everywhere at Comdex 91
Intel becomes a factor in the Unix server market 91-92
Microsoft confirms Windows 2000 name 92
Gigabit Ethernet standard adopted 92
Convergence still risky 92-93
Frame relay pricing very uneven 93
Sales of 19-inch monitors rise dramatically 93
IBM's manageable PCs 93-94
PC prices continue to drop 94
Laptop prices remain high 94
Screen capture to printer software available 94
Positive Internet access control 94-95
CD-ROM speed increased again 95
OCLC rewriting FirstSearch 95
Lexis-Nexis Universe introduced 95
Metadata project participants sought 95-96
ISP charges increasing 96
Netscape releases Communicator 4.5 96
Volume 18 Number 11November 1998
WLN and OCLC may merge 81
Wireless connectivity for bookmobiles 82-83
Tours of Preservation Resources 83
Ameritech releases TeleCirc II 83-84
Ameritech's EDI X.12 claiming interface 84
Kid's Catalog Web option 84
DRA signs major outsourcing contract 84
Endeavor continues to thrive 84-85
Innovative signs large public library 85
SIRS shipping Mandarin M3 85
SIRSI expands library products division 85-86
New study of server operating systems 86
NT 5.0 may be delayed again 86
LCD monitor standards coming 86-87
CompUSA also makes PCs 87
Senate passes Y2K disclosure bill 87
Links to Y2K web sites 87
Marc Link Corp. enters the retrospective conversion field 87
Wolters Kluwer acquires Ovid 88
Information technology funding sources available 88
Volume 18 Number 10October 1998
Pay as you go frame relay 73-74
Endeavor rolls along 74-75
Innovative extends its reach to Japan 75
International Library Systems introduces SydneyPLUS' DMI module 75
Another medical library sale for Sirsi 75
Gigabit Ethernet standard for CAT 5 UTP 75
Compaq goes with Alpha 75-76
Intel pursues Unix initiative 76
EDIFACT begins to take hold 76-77
News from OCLC 77
EBSCO adds Springer-Verlag 77
Online atlas 77
PC prices continue to drop 77-78
Government surplus PCs available 78
PC postage 78
AT&T ISP pricing 79
First year 2000 case settled 79
RBOCS to bill for terminating VOIP calls 79
Computers in Libraries '99 announced 79
Color scanners reviewed 79-80
ISPs testing usage metering software 80
Volume 18 Number 09September 1998
Rewritable DVD-- caution recommended 65-66
Free access to court information 66
Patent and trademark office announces online service 66
Online access to U.S. senate and house voting records 66
Ameritech releases Dynix PAC for Windows 1.2 67
Carl releases year 2000 ILS 67
DRA announces third quarter results 67
Endeavor enjoys big second quarter 67
Geac increases revenues and profits 67
SLS acquisition begins to pay off for Innovative 68
Sirsi lands three school districts 68
Sirsi sites adopt SmartPort cataloging utility 68
SIRS Mandarin M3 now available 69
OCLC becomes subscription agent 69
EBSCO adds electronic journals of six publishers 69
Downtimes for Unix and NT 69-70
Five PC makers control 53 percent of market 70
Monitor prices drop again 70
Juries find keyboards not guilty 70
Dealing with year 2000 in PCs- continued 70
When is 56 kbps not 56 kbps 70-71
The case for external CSU/DSUs 71
Music composition on a PC 71
SkyCache inc. seeks to solve Web logjams 71-72
Internet kiosks in 7-eleven stores 72
ASIS annual conference 72
American Business Information corrects pricing 72
Volume 18 Number 08August 1998
Why an ill module? 57-58
ILL on DRA Web2 58
Sirsi continues sales growth 58
VARBusiness 500 rankings 58-59
Compaq committed to Digital's Alpha product 59
Firewalls evaluated 59
The RF-EAS/ID intelligent library system 59-60
WLN and DRA form library intranet 60-61
Records from libraries around the world enrich OCLC database 61
B&T's The Title Source II 61-62
Browser battle continues 62
Online bookstores increase discounts 62-63
Year 2000 fix 63
PC to TV connections 63
Repairing CDS and CD-ROMs 63-64
National Digital Library program update 64
Volume 18 Number 07July 1998
Wireless LAN update 49-50
Ameritech offers PC management 50-51
Serials module for EOSi Q Series 51
UK office for Ex Libris 51
Acquisitions and serials for TLC 51
Introducing VIAX manager 51-52
Geac moves toward a unified product 52
UNIX vendors embrace portability and USB 52-53
PMSC offers media cataloging over the Web 53
Verifying backups essential 53
NRMM records online 53
56 Kbps modem standard up for vote 53
Cable industry gets interested in bits 53-54
Windows98 released 54-55
2000 test for PCs 55
Mouse substitute 55
OCLC announcements 55
FCC scales back E-rate program 55-56
Directory assistance 56
Volume 18 Number 06June 1998
Hybrid online service gains market share 41
Ovid's sales rise 42
Discounted telecommunications services challenged 42
Software licensing proposals may weaken purchasers' rights 42-43
DRA's Taos begins to win major awards 43
Client/server system for LC 43
Ameritech to merge into SBC 44
TLC's Library.Solution near 100 44
Sirsi has new area code 44
Capacities outstripping needs 44-45
Date due options 45
Self-charging system interface 45-46
WLN introduces WebLN PAC 46
ILL practices publication issued by ARL 46
FirstSearch hours/WorldCat numbers 46-47
Internet access broadens 47
Internet connections for small libraries 47
AT&T launches internet long-distance telephone trials 47-48
PC prices drop again 48
Internet directory from AT&T 48
Volume 18 Number 05May 1998
Annual survey of PC and Mac-based library system vendors 33-40
Volume 18 Number 03March / April 1998
Annual survey of automated library system vendors: integrated, multi-user, multi-function systems running on main-frames, minis, and micros that use a multi-user operating system 17-32
Volume 18 Number 02February 1998
New GUIs from Carl 10
Endeavor breaks 100 10-11
76 customers for Library.Solution 11
Sirsi announces NT option 11
New headquarters for VTLS 11