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Follett: mergers and acquisitions

Follett Library Solutions corporate profile Oct 2021: Francisco Partners acquires Follett Library Solutions from Follett Corporation Dec 2022: Follett School Solutions acquires Accessit 1994: Martin Neyland and Joanne Marie Copland found Access-It Software Limited Dec 2018: Follett Acquires NextTier Education Oct 2010: Follett Software Company acquires X2 Development Corporation and its Aspen Student Information System 2003: X2 Development Corporation founded by Rick Dwyer Follett acquires Fourteen40 and its CafeScribe social networking service Aug 2006: Follett Acquires TetraData Corporation 1997: TetraData Corporation founded by Peter Waldschmidt and John Greene Follett acquires Sagebrush Corporation Jan 2000: Sagebrush Corporation acquires Winnebago Software Company Oct 2005: Sagebrush releases InfoCentre, its next-generation library automation system Jan 1982: Winnebago Software Company founded by George B. (Jeb) Griffith 1982: Winnebago Software Company develops Card Catalog Maker 1985: Winnebago Software Company develops Circ/Cat library management system Jan 2000: Sagebrush Corporation acquires Nichols Advanced Technologies Jan 1983: Nichols Advanced Technologies founded by Bruce Buttler 1983: Nichols Advanced Technologies initial product was MOLLI Sep 1997: Nichols Advanced Technologies acquires Scribe Software, Inc and its Innovation-Plus and Media One school library products Jan 1993: Nichols Advanced Technologies announce Windows based Athena 1999: Sage Technologies established following the acquisition of Nichols Advanced Technologies Jan 1964: American Companies, later Econo-clad books and American Bindery, founded by Richard Crawford Jan 1985: Follett Software Company founded as a division of Follett Corporation by Charles Follett, Jr. Jan 1985: Follett acquires Library Software Company from Bob Skapura and Joe Ward Jun 2003: Follett launches Destiny