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June 19, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate identifies seven innovators in antibody drug conjugates in new Companies to Watch report. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, has released its annual Companies to Watch report, highlighting seven innovative companies revolutionizing drug discovery and development. These companies are advancing antibody-drug conjugates to deliver highly targeted cancer treatments with minimal side effects. Based on data, insights and analysis of drug benefits, financing and R&D activity, the report explores why these companies are significant innovators. While this year's report focuses on ADCs, previous editions highlighted RNA technology companies and AI/ML companies to watch. Impressively, eleven of the fourteen companies previously featured have completed significant transactions or raised substantial new funds, including DTx Pharma, AQEMIA, and Quris-AI. [Full Announcement].

June 4, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate launches Research Horizon Navigator to pinpoint future breakthrough areas. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, launched Research Horizon Navigator, a powerful new AI-native module within InCites Benchmarking and Analytics that highlights emerging research topics where future breakthroughs are likely to occur. Academics, funding agencies, government research organizations and research strategists will be able to identify new research trends and determine the most impactful areas for future investments and strategies. Research Horizon Navigator draws on trusted data from the Web of Science Core Collection and uses a novel methodology developed by the Institute for Scientific Information to identify new topics emerging in articles, reviews and conference proceedings published in the past five years, as well as a new indicator which measures the interdisciplinarity of each emerging topic. Within Research Horizon Navigator, each topic is labeled with a research theme assigned by generative AI. Each topic also offers an interactive visualization showing how papers are connected and includes an overview where users can explore which authors and institutions have contributed. [Full Announcement].

May 31, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate announces conversion date and conversion rate for Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred Shares. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced today that its 5.25% Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred Shares, will automatically and mandatorily convert into ordinary shares of Clarivate on June 3, 2024 (the "Conversion Date"). The mandatory conversion rate for each Preferred Share will be 3.8462 ordinary shares of Clarivate. Cash will be paid in lieu of fractional ordinary shares. As previously announced on May 1, 2024, holders of record at the close of business on May 15, 2024 will separately receive a final quarterly cash dividend of $1.3125 per Preferred Share on June 3, 2024. [Full Announcement].

Clarivate Clarivate expands real-world data offering with addition of Social Determinant of Health (SDoH) attributes from HealthWise Data. Clarivate a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced a strategic partnership with HealthWise Data, a leading healthcare data and analytics firm bridging the gap between clinical outcomes and Social Determinants of Health domains. The collaboration integrates SDoH attributes into the Clarivate Real-World Data repository, offering comprehensive patient insights and enabling life science, healthcare and research professionals to enhance patient outcomes and healthcare equity. [Full Announcement].

May 30, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate celebrates 500 institutions adopting Rialto marketplace solution. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announces that 500 institutions around the world have selected the Rialto books marketplace solution with Florida Atlantic University as the 500th customer. This milestone, achieved in just a few years, underscores Rialto's rapid adoption and success in transforming the way libraries acquire and manage their academic book collections so they can best serve their communities. [Full Announcement].

May 29, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate to present at upcoming investor conferences in June 2024. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced that the Company will present at two investor conferences in June 2024. [Full Announcement].

May 22, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate identifies five breakthrough medical technologies set to transform patient care in 2024. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced the release of the Medical Technologies to Watch in 2024 report. This first installment of a two-part series offers a comprehensive predictive analysis of high-growth medical technology markets poised to generate over $1 billion in value or achieve double-digit growth within the next five years. The report underscores critical areas of significant investment. Clarivate medtech analysts pinpoint five technologies driving substantial clinical and commercial value in devices and diagnostics this year. These innovations hold immense promise for patients, potentially complementing or even supplanting traditional medications and biochemical solutions. [Full Announcement].

May 21, 2024

Clarivate New Clarivate report indicates solid growth in 2024 global trademark filing activity. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, released the Trademark Filing and Litigation Trends 2024 Report, analyzing six of the key trademark registers from around the world: the United State, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Mainland China, Japan, and South Korea. The report reveals that trademark filing activity worldwide saw a return to stability and growth in 2023 after three years of market volatility, indicating solid growth in 2024. [Full Announcement].

Clarivate Introducing the Clarivate Academic AI Platform. Clarivate has released the first version of the Clarivate Academic AI Platform, serving its suite of AI-powered Research Assistants. Discover how it is going to help address the needs of students, researchers and librarians for trusted AI. The platform serves as a technology backbone, enabling accelerated and consistent deployment of AI capabilities across our Academia and Government portfolio of solutions. With Retrieval Augmented Generation architecture, document insights and metadata capabilities at its core, the platform ensures that answers and insights provided by Clarivate solutions are grounded in our extensive collection of curated scholarly content, including Web of Science Core Collection, ProQuest full text resources, Ebook Central materials and the Ex Libris Central Discovery Index. [Full Announcement].

May 20, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate launches AI-enhanced solution to accelerate trademark watching. Clarivate launched the first publicly available version of Trademark Watch Analyzer. As the next-generation trademark protection solution enhanced by artificial intelligence and cloud technology, this solution combines Clarivate global trademark and case law data, in-house IP expertise, and cutting-edge AI technology. It will provide faster and more accurate answers to critical business questions by automating key trademark watching tasks and intelligently prioritizing result sets. Trademark Watch Analyzer connects users to trademark datasets in 258 countries and territories across 191 official trademark registers, as well as data from 7+ million trademark litigation cases. This content is harmonized and connected through AI algorithms which query, connect and mine both datasets delivering advanced insights in supported watch products. This revolutionizes the way trademark watch results are delivered, so that clients can rank results based on their chance of success/opposition. [Full Announcement].

May 16, 2024

Clarivate New Clarivate report reveals that the U.S., Germany and Mainland China have the most non-practicing entity litigation. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, today released the 2024 Non-Practicing Entity Global Litigation Report to analyze NPE enforcement activities and their patent validity challenges across the globe. The report revealed that the United States, Germany and Mainland China are the three countries and regions with the most infringement cases filed by NPEs. [Full Announcement].

May 9, 2024

Clarivate OMRON selects IPfolio from Clarivate. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced today that OMRON has selected IPfolio, an intellectual property management software from Clarivate to transform their IP operations. This solution will enable OMRON, a leading automation company to make smarter decisions and plan strategically using IP data and analytical insights. With IPfolio's help, OMRON will be able to better manage its IP assets and keep up with the rising number of filings and data volumes, while eliminating manual processes. The IP team at OMRON can enhance their analysis and collaboration with stakeholders by using insightful data visualizations. This can lead to increased productivity, deeper insights, and faster decision-making with confidence. [Full Announcement].

Clarivate Reimagining research impact: Introducing Web of Science Research Intelligence. Discover how the Web of Science Research Intelligence platform will revolutionize research evaluation by driving responsible innovation and demonstrating societal impact. Currently being developed in partnership with leading academic institutions, Web of Science Research Intelligence is an AI-native platform that embodies a vision centered on three pillars: unification, innovation and impact. It seamlessly integrates funding data with research outputs that include publications, patents, conference proceedings, books, policy documents and more. Based on these data, the platform identifies relevant funding opportunities within emerging research areas, equipping institutions and researchers to innovate. [Full Announcement].

May 8, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate reports first quarter 2024 results. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, today reported results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2024. [Full Announcement].

May 7, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate introduces Epidemiology Intelligence for precision patient population analysis. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, today announced the launch of Epidemiology Intelligence. The new solution combines rich insights from epidemiology, incidence and prevalence database solutions. It includes U.S. claims-based population insights to empower biopharma companies to accurately gauge market size and target patient demographics with ease. [Full Announcement].

May 2, 2024

Clarivate Clarivate enhances Cortellis CMC Intelligence with Post-Approval Module to accelerate regulatory success. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced the launch of the newly enhanced Cortellis CMC Intelligence solution, featuring a new post-approval variations module. The module for post-approval variations covers regulatory changes across multiple countries, offering meticulously curated requirements to streamline tracking. With this update, pharmaceutical, biotech, and generics companies can effortlessly navigate the regulatory process and prioritize essential actions. With its new module covering both pre- and post-approval documents, Cortellis CMC Intelligence offers comprehensive lifecycle information for drugs and biologics. Serving as a single-platform solution for CMC requirements, it effectively reduces tracking time and unnecessary costs. [Full Announcement].

May 1, 2024

Clarivate Beyond discovery: AI and the future of the Web of Science. Clarivate announced that the AI-powered Web of Science Research Assistant, will be available from September 2024. Last year, the company announced its collaboration with the research community to bring a new generative-AI-powered capability to the Web of Science, the Web of Science Research Assistant. Since the release of the beta version to its development partners around the world, Clarivate has identified innovative ways to ensure the quality, strength and suitability of generative AI for academic researchers. [Full Announcement].

Clarivate Clarivate releases Survey on the future of the library. Clarivate is launching a new library peer survey to better understand the current and future landscape of libraries worldwide. Clarivate would like to hear from engaged librarians across the world to assess current and expected trends, challenges and to measure the impact of new technologies on the role of the librarian. These findings will be published in a report later this year. [Full Announcement].

Clarivate Clarivate declares dividend on Mandatory Convertible Preferred Shares. Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, announced that its board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of $1.3125 per share on its 5.25% Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred Share, payable in cash on June 3, 2024 to shareholders of record at the close of business on May 15, 2024. [Full Announcement].

April 30, 2024

Clarivate BioWorld by Clarivate explores the future of CAR T Therapy in Mainland China in special report. BioWorld published by Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, explores the growing investment in CAR T therapy development in mainland China in a new series titled "China's CAR T market comes of age." The report examines the dynamic realm of CAR T-cell therapies in China, including the rapid pipeline growth, deals, clinical trials and challenging issues surrounding patient access to very expensive and effective cancer therapeutics. [Full Announcement].