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February 1, 2024

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services and MOL partner to support libraries looking to adopt FOLIO in Poland. MOL, the leading provider of library software in Poland, has announced a partnership with EBSCO Information Services to support libraries adopting the FOLIO Library Services Platform. This partnership will provide hosting and local support services for FOLIO libraries throughout Poland. [Full Announcement].

January 24, 2024

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services opens submissions for the 2024 EBSCO Solar Grant. Submissions are now open for the 2024 EBSCO Solar grant program from EBSCO Information Services. For the ninth consecutive year, EBSCO is accepting applications for grants that will fund solar installations at libraries around the world. As part of the 2024 EBSCO Solar initiative, EBSCO will be making a total of $300,000 in grants available. The grants will help awarded libraries offset their library expenses by incorporating solar power. EBSCO introduced the EBSCO Solar grant program in 2016 as a demonstration of its longstanding commitment to solar energy. EBSCO has awarded libraries more than $2,000,000 in grants since the program originated. [Full Announcement].

January 22, 2024

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services CEO Tim Collins to retire on June 30, 2024. Tim Collins will retire as Chief Executive Officer of EBSCO Information Services effective June 30, 2024. EBSCO Industries' goal is to have a successor in the role by July 1, 2024; they are working with the global Leadership Advisory Firm, Egon Zehnder, on a comprehensive process to identify the next CEO for EBSCO Information Services. [Full Announcement].

January 3, 2024

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services Library Staff Development Award nominations. The American Library Association is currently accepting nominations through February 1, 2024 for the EBSCO Information Services Library Staff Development Award is awarded to a library organization for a program to further its staff development goals and objectives. The award includes $3,500 and a gold-framed citation, donated by EBSCO Publishing. Application [Full Announcement].

December 14, 2023

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services and EcoMap partner to help libraries support entrepreneurship. EBSCOlearning, a division of EBSCO Information Service, and EcoMap Technologies have partnered to offer public libraries a service to help patrons on their entrepreneurial journey. EcoMap is a hyperlocal search engine that curates and catalogs community resources to support entrepreneurship and empowers libraries to become stronger hubs for economic development. [Full Announcement].

December 2, 2023

EBSCO Information Services EBSCOlearning and the American Management Association Launch AMA MicroCourses powered by EBSCOlearning. EBSCOlearning, a division of EBSCO Information Services and the American Management Association International join forces to deliver AMA MicroCourses powered by EBSCOlearning, a new platform created to provide companies with resources to upskill their employees and equip those entering the workforce with learning real-world skills. AMA MicroCourses powered by EBSCOlearning is available for businesses, colleges and universities, libraries, schools, and government, and designed to enable organizations and users to improve business knowledge, practical skills and productivity including a wide range of leadership, management and other in-demand soft skills. [Full Announcement].

November 15, 2023

EBSCO Information Services EBSCOlearning and BlueRecruit partner to create a new workforce development product for trade professionals. EBSCOlearning, a division of EBSCO Information Services, and BlueRecruit have formed a partnership to provide public libraries with a new workforce development product, BlueCareer by EBSCOlearning. The new platform focuses on trade professions and is designed to help skilled workers achieve certification and explore job opportunities in the trade field. BlueCareer by EBSCOlearning provides in-depth information on the skilled trades industry, connects individuals with hundreds of trade schools across the United States and Canada, and provides training resources for those seeking to build their trade knowledge and experience. The platform encourages public library users to explore the skilled trades industry and connect with employers through comprehensive assessments, video trainings and job placement profiles. [Full Announcement].

November 3, 2023

EBSCO Information Services Nyenrode Business University becomes first institution in the Netherlands to adopt FOLIO LSP. Nyenrode Business University has become the first institution in the Netherlands to adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform using EBSCO FOLIO's hosting and service support from EBSCO Information Services. Nyenrode has leveraged EBSCO FOLIO's expert implementation consultants and library services engineers to establish the FOLIO LSP from the initial readiness assessment to go-live with continued support services post-implementation. [Full Announcement].

October 18, 2023

EBSCO Information Services Revolutionizing the Library Experience. FOLIO is an open source library services platform that serves as a modular, constantly evolving resource for libraries. Launched in 2016, FOLIO is designed to foster collaboration among developers and librarians, enabling apps to be built to deliver more choice and better services and features for end users. It's built for librarians by librarians and library service providers. EBSCO engaged EPAM early in its work on the FOLIO project. We were hired for our engineering capabilities to help develop FOLIO faster and better. With a proven track record in open source development, EPAM was a natural choice, and our role quickly grew to that of a supporting engineering partner. [Full Announcement].

October 13, 2023

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services Introduces EBSCOlearning. EBSCO Information Services announced the launch of EBSCOlearning, a new division designed to improve the skills and productivity of businesses, organizations and learners of all ages. This move brings together EBSCO's trusted skills development content and robust learning solutions under one organization to help serve the needs of professionals and workers, as well as learners at secondary schools, trade schools, colleges, universities, graduate schools and public libraries. [Full Announcement].

October 11, 2023

EBSCO Information Services New Zealand's University of Canterbury Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha Library to adopt FOLIO LSP with hosting from EBSCO Information Services. The University of Canterbury Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha Library of New Zealand will begin the transition to adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) with hosting and service support from EBSCO Information Services. UC will join the more than 100 libraries and library systems that have gone live with EBSCO FOLIO and will become the second in Oceania to move to the open source LSP. [Full Announcement].

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services releases Serials Price Projection Report for 2024. Information Services has published the 2024 Serials Price Projection Report. This year's report projects that the overall effective publisher price increases for academic and academic medical libraries are expected to be (before any currency impact) in the range of three to four percent for individual e-journal titles, two to three percent for e-journal packages and four to five percent for print titles. Published annually, EBSCO's Serials Price Projection is based on surveys of a wide range of publishers and reviews of historical serials pricing data to assist information professionals as they make budgeting decisions for the upcoming renewals season. This report looks at market dynamics highlighting many issues that are currently driving the scholarly information marketplace including economic factors such as high inflation rates, currency impact, the trend toward Open Access content, and the decline of print materials and more. [Full Announcement].

September 26, 2023

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services Releases Moment Magazine Archive. An extensive, searchable digital archive of the independent magazine Moment is now available through EBSCO Information Services. Moment Magazine Archive is a complete collection of the popular magazine in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. The digital archive will enhance a library's special collections and give researchers insight into the Jewish community during the 20th century. [Full Announcement].

September 21, 2023

EBSCO Information Services Dynamic Health releases Pediatric Behavioral Health Content. Mental and behavioral health emergency room visits for pediatric patients continue to rise in the US In response to this growing crisis, Dynamic Health, EBSCO Information Services's evidence-based skill and competency development tool, has developed a new set of pediatric behavioral health content to support health care providers working with youth experiencing mental and behavioral health issues across the continuum of care, including emergency room and urgent care settings. [Full Announcement].

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services pursues generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunities. EBSCO Information Services, a leading provider of online research content and search technologies, is embracing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Recognizing the transformative potential of generative AI in the realm of academic research and libraries, EBSCO is making proactive strides to incorporate AI into the company's products, undertaking AI pilot projects in specific environments with the goal of amplifying the effectiveness of research. This move marries EBSCO's unique strength providing access to high-quality, relevant content with the remarkable capabilities of AI, aiming to set a new standard in information discovery and comprehension for students, faculty and researchers. [Full Announcement].

August 11, 2023

EBSCO Information Services Dynamic Health launches new content for nurse leaders. Dynamic Health, EBSCO Information Services evidence-based skill and competency development tool, has released a new set of leadership content aimed to help point-of-care leaders further develop their leadership skills. Dynamic Health's new leadership content consists of 12 categories with more than 350 anticipated topics, designed for nurse and health professions leaders looking to take their professional growth and team development to the next level. [Full Announcement].

July 20, 2023

EBSCO Information Services Two Connecticut University Libraries to implement EBSCO FOLIO. The University of New Haven (UNH) and Quinnipiac University (QU) will become the first institutions in Connecticut to transition to the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) using EBSCO FOLIO hosting and implementation services from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO). These institutions will undergo phased implementation to be entirely live on FOLIO before the end of 2024. [Full Announcement].

June 26, 2023

EBSCO Information Services EBSCO Information Services Announces 2023 EBSCO Solar Grant Winners. EBSCO Information Services will be awarding $300,000 in grants to three libraries looking to further their sustainability goals. Russell County Public Library, Kentucky; Purdue University Fort Wayne Helmke Library, Indiana; and Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation, New Jersey, will each receive an EBSCO Solar Grant to pay for the installation of a solar array. The grants offset the cost of installing solar panels and allow the libraries to reduce their electricity expenditures. [Full Announcement].

June 22, 2023

EBSCO Information Services More Than 100 Libraries and Library Systems Now Live with EBSCO FOLIO. More than 100 libraries worldwide have transitioned to the FOLIO Library Services Platform with help from EBSCO FOLIO Services from EBSCO Information Services. EBSCO FOLIO's reach spans numerous countries from all corners of the globe, supporting diversity amongst the community and honoring its commitment to providing representation in open source initiatives. Since FOLIO's conception in 2016, the LSP has undergone substantial advancements. While FOLIO's community of contributors has expanded, several organizations, including EBSCO, have actively contributed to its evolution. As one of the founders of the FOLIO project, EBSCO has provided resources and expertise in accelerating the development and adoption of FOLIO, enriching its functionality, and prioritizing globalization efforts to welcome new perspectives. [Full Announcement].

June 12, 2023

EBSCO Information Services 2023 John Cotton Dana Awards Announced. John Cotton Dana Award winners, recognized for their strategic communications efforts, have been selected. The John Cotton Dana Awards provide up to eight grants for libraries that demonstrate outstanding library public relations. The award is managed by the American Library Association's Core Division and EBSCO Information Services and consists of $10,000 grants from the H.W. Wilson Foundation. [Full Announcement].