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February 20, 2024

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare announces partnership with Princh. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced today a partnership with Princh for self-service and mobile printing. Princh is an industry-leader in printing and payment solutions for libraries worldwide. Under this agreement, Princh will power EnvisionWare's MobilePrint Service integrated with our LPT:One print management solution. Combining the new with the familiar, EnvisionWare's MobilePrint Service, powered by Princh, enables patrons to print remotely or within the library from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and pick up their printouts at the library. [Full Announcement].

April 17, 2023

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare announces leadership team promotions. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced the promotion of two employees to senior leadership positions. John C. Dexter has been promoted to the role of General Manager and Candice G. Oliver promoted to the role of Director of Sales and Marketing . [Full Announcement].

March 21, 2022

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare announces an extensive line of new self-service solutions to debut at PLA. EnvisionWare announced that the company will unveil and advanced line-up of new and newly released hardware and software at the PLA conference in Portland. [Full Announcement].

July 28, 2021

EnvisionWare Volaris Group acquires EnvisionWare. Volaris Group, announced that it has acquired EnvisionWare, a provider of technology solutions for public libraries. EnvisionWare is based in Atlanta, Georgia U.S. [Full Announcement].

May 26, 2021

EnvisionWare San Bernardino County Library selects EnvisionWare to expand self-service. EnvisionWare announced that San Bernardino County Library, CA, has selected EnvisionWare to expand their self-service solutions for patrons. San Bernardino County leveraged grant funding to provide solutions to address the growing health and economic challenges fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. [Full Announcement].

November 21, 2020

EnvisionWare EnvisionWares 24-hour library opens for service as The Vending Library branch at the Indian River County Intergenerational Recreation Center. Indian River County Library System in Florida officially announced the grand opening of their new Vending Library branch location. The Vending Library, EnvisionWare's 24-Hour Library solution, is open to community members at the County's IRC Intergenerational Recreation Center (IG Center). [Full Announcement].

September 23, 2020

EnvisionWare Shreve Memorial Library enhances social distancing and patron service. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced today that Shreve Memorial Library in Louisiana has implemented EnvisionWare's eCommerce Services™ for patrons and staff, and has upgraded their self-service checkout solutions. Shreve, which has 21 locations throughout Louisiana, had implemented RFID and self-service checkout a few years ago at their full-time branches with EnvisionWare's software. The Library was interested in expanding these self-service capabilities to include eCommerce. [Full Announcement].

February 20, 2020

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare Announces Reservation Service and Revolutionary CloudNine Platform. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced the company will unveil both its new Reservation Service software and its revolutionary CloudNine platform at the PLA conference in Nashville.The Reservation Service leverages all the flexibility and features of the world’s leading library computer reservation product, PC Reservation plus many additional features and a completely new product architecture. With the Reservation Service, patrons can easily reserve an unlimited variety of resources, including study rooms, tablets, and 3D printers. Library staff can configure which resources are available, and how the reservation process for each individual type of resource will work. [Full Announcement].

September 26, 2019

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare announces release of Branch Manager 2.0. EnvisionWare announced the release of version 2.0 of EnvisionWare Branch Manager. This communications software is designed for libraries to manage and monitor communications and alerts. Branch Manager Version 2.0 combines enterprise functionality with enhanced communication tools at the branch level and system wide. With this new release, users have the ability to filter and target messages to Subscribers and Groups so that Library staff can receive only the alerts that pertain to their department or branch. This includes instant alerts from RFID gates as well as alerts from EnvisionWare® OneStop™ self-service circulation stations [Full Announcement].

August 19, 2019

EnvisionWare St. Joseph County Public Library migrates to EnvisionWare for RFID. EnvisionWare announced that St. Joseph County Public Library has migrated to EnvisionWare’s RFID Software Suite. SJCPL migrated to EnvisionWare’s RFID software in all 10 locations. The Library also implemented EnvisionWare’s Library Document Station for self-service scanning, copying and faxing, as well as Copy Payment Manager for self-service copying payments and reporting. [Full Announcement].

August 2, 2019

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare offers expanded line of RFID gates. EnvisionWare announced the company has expanded their line of RFID gates options to include wide aisle gates and standard gates. RFID gates are available from multiple manufacturers to provide customers with options to meet their unique needs. [Full Announcement].

June 10, 2019

EnvisionWare Granville County Library System Migrates to EnvisionWare. EnvisionWare announced that Granville County Library System in North Carolina has migrated to EnvisionWare for computer and print management and mobile printing. [Full Announcement].

May 30, 2019

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare expands services to Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. Las Vegas-Clark County Library District announced the grand opening of their new East Las Vegas Library location. Among its vast array of solutions and services, this state-of-the art library offers self-service and efficiency solutions throughout the Library provided by vendor-partner EnvisionWare. These solutions contribute to a modern patron experience and help the library run more efficiently and effectively. [Full Announcement].

February 7, 2019

EnvisionWare Chattahoochee Valley Libraries opens two 24-Hour Library locations. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced that Chattahoochee Valley Libraries in Georgia has opened two 24-Hour Library locations [Full Announcement].

May 21, 2018

EnvisionWare Athens-Clarke County Library migrates to EnvisionWare for automated materials handling. EnvisionWare announced that Athens-Clarke County Library in Georgia has migrated to EnvisionWare for Automated Materials Handling. [Full Announcement].

December 18, 2017

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare Welcomes Sue Cashmark. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced today that Sue Cashmark has joined the Company as Sales Consultant, Circulation Solutions for the Northeast region. [Full Announcement].

October 31, 2017

EnvisionWare Hemet Public Library expands library hours 24/7. EnvisionWare announced that Hemet Public Library in California has selected EnvisionWare’s 24-Hour Library to fill an essential need to extend Library hours and supplement services. [Full Announcement].

October 18, 2017

EnvisionWare Two market leaders in library efficiency solutions join forces. Lyngsoe Systems and EnvisionWare announced today a partnership agreement to provide Automated Materials Handling (AMH) solutions to public libraries. Under the agreement, EnvisionWare will be a distribution partner for Lyngsoe Systems' suite of Automated Materials Handling (AMH) products in the United States and Canada. The partnership extends EnvisionWare's line of AMH solutions. [Full Announcement].

June 17, 2017

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare Announces New Brand and Expanded Line of Self-service Solutions. EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced the company is gearing-up for the annual American Library Association conference with a new brand, redesigned website, and expanded line of self-service solutions. [Full Announcement].

January 22, 2017

EnvisionWare EnvisionWare announces new line-up of Library Document Station packages and pricing solutions starting at just $2,500. EnvisionWare announced the release of a new line-up of Library Document Station packages designed to meet the varied needs of library customers. [Full Announcement].