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June 9, 2023

Ex Libris Innovative and Ex Libris users groups host successful conferences. User groups for Innovative and Ex Libris hosted their annual North American conferences earlier this month; the Innovative Users Group met in Phoenix, Arizona, while the Ex Libris Users of North America gathered in Los Angeles, California. [Full Announcement].

June 8, 2023

Ex Libris Ex Libris demonstrates commitment to its global customer base through expanded multiple-language support for solutions and training materials. Since the first release of Alma, Ex Libris has recognized the importance of providing its customers with the ability to interface with the software in their native language. As a result, Ex Libris has made a significant effort to support multiple languages across its product offerings. Ex Libris recently added Arabic to the list of languages available for Alma and Primo training kits. Support for Alma, Primo, Leganto and Esploro is available in multiple languages, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), Polish, Welsh, and many others, for training kits, the User Interface and Online Help. This is a considerable achievement that requires a significant investment of time and resources. As an example, there are about 70,000 labels for the full Alma product which need to be translated, amounting to about 180,000 words. In addition, translations have to be updated on a monthly basis in line with Alma's monthly releases. Ex Libris works with a number of translation companies, as well as many partnerships with customers who help with the translation to ensure that translations are accurate and of high quality. [Full Announcement].

June 7, 2023

Ex Libris Get It Now Add-on expands Rapido options for fulfilling user requests. The new Get It Now Add-on from Copyright Clearance Center allows Rapido members to purchase an article with just two clicks, and without leaving the Rapido interface. With a goal to ensure that no borrowing request goes unfilled, this integration expands the number of options available for fulfilling user requests and empowers the library staff to purchase requested articles directly through Rapido. [Full Announcement].

May 31, 2023

Ex Libris Can new technologies reduce bias? A webinar discussion on innovation. Ex Libris and Innovative, both part of Clarivate, hosted professor and author Orly Lobel for an engaging conversation on new innovations in technology. Lobel advocates for a pragmatic approach to new technologies. She challenges us to explore how organizations and individuals can effectively harness these technologies to foster equality and create a better future. [Full Announcement].

May 24, 2023

Ex Libris 100 libraries simplify the discovery of external collections. Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, is excited to celebrate that the resource sharing solution Rapido has welcomed 100 member institutions, after only a year on the market. Libraries worldwide use Rapido to help students more easily access other libraries' collections. [Full Announcement].

May 22, 2023

Ex Libris The University of Wyoming selects the Ex Libris Higher Education Platform for multiple library services. Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, announced that the University of Wyoming recently chose the Ex Libris Higher Education platform for its cloud-based library solutions of the Alma library management system, Primo discovery, Library Mobile app, and Leganto for course resources. This decision is part of the university's effort to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of their library services, meet the evolving needs of its users, and maintain its status as a leading research institution. [Full Announcement].

May 4, 2023

Ex Libris Three Liberal Arts Colleges in Maine select Alma and Primo for a shared library services platform. Libris, part of Clarivate, is pleased to announce that three prestigious liberal arts colleges in Maine Bates, Bowdoin and Colby Colleges selected Ex Libris Alma and Primo to improve their library services, and provide a better user experience for students, faculty, and staff. The colleges will go live on their new system this summer. [Full Announcement].

April 30, 2023

Ex Libris Liverpool University empowers students with a wider world of resources. Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, is delighted to announce that the University of Liverpool has integrated Rapido, its new intuitive borrowing solution designed for modern library experiences. [Full Announcement].

April 21, 2023

Ex Libris Upcoming InCites and Alma integration enhances collection development reporting. Combining bibliometric data with collection data to better inform collection development can be challenging. The new integration between Alma and InCites Benchmarking and Analytics enables mutual customers of both services to conduct multi-faceted collection development and utilization analyses with little effort or manual start-up [Full Announcement].

April 15, 2023

Ex Libris University of Huddersfield takes its ILL turnaround time from 2-5 days to 9 hours. Ex Libris welcomed the University of Huddersfield Library to its global resource-sharing community. Always on the lookout for ways to improve their services, Huddersfield University has recently integrated RapidILL into its suite of solutions to automate its interlibrary-loan request processing. In 6 months only, the University has seen its average turnaround time drop from 2-5 days to 9 hours. [Full Announcement].

Ex Libris Virtual Customer Panel presented by Library Journal. Academic library patrons have higher expectations in their online quest for knowledge and resources. They desire their online experience and interactions with the library ecosystem to be similar to what they are able to receive in their normal day-to-day lives: easy discoverability, simple content delivery, more personalization, access on any device at any time, faster support, and more avenues to knowledge at their point of need. [Full Announcement].

April 10, 2023

Ex Libris Why I Like ELUNA. At the core of any ELUNA conference are the sessions, which have grown in breadth and depth as ELUNA has grown over the years. These sessions are not just vendor or feature demos but rather Ex Libris product users tackling, solving, and sharing real-world solutions for real-world problems. The sharing of ideas and solutions is what makes ELUNA valuable, and I have always returned from the conference with several new ideas to implement that have already been stress-tested and refined at another Ex Libris site. [Full Announcement].

April 6, 2023

Ex Libris Establish the library as a partner for student success- in English and Spanish. Leganto, the Ex Libris-course resource list management solution, supports the library becoming a stronger partner in the teaching and learning space. If you've been wondering how to bridge the gap between systems for your students and faculty, we have a new Leganto video for you, in Spanish and English, to share with your colleagues. [Full Announcement].

Ex Libris Establish the library as a partner for student success- in English and Spanish. Leganto, the Ex Libris-course resource list management solution, supports the library becoming a stronger partner in the teaching and learning space. If you've been wondering how to bridge the gap between systems for your students and faculty, we have a new Leganto video for you, in Spanish and English, to share with your colleagues. [Full Announcement].

April 2, 2023

Ex Libris Professor Orly Lobel to present on how technology can ensure a better world. Join Ex Libris on April 27, 2023 at 8am PDT for an insightful webinar hosted by University of San Diego Warren Distinguished Professor of Law Orly Lobel as she explores the potential of promoting diversity and inclusion through design. Professor Lobel explores the untapped potential of technology to foster diversity and inclusion. From advancements in robotics to the tactful use of AI, Lobel will explore the many ways that intentional design can work as a great equalizer. [Full Announcement].

Ex Libris Linda Hall Library partners with Rapido to make +1M research titles available. Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, announced that Linda Hall Library, the leading lender of science, technology and engineering materials is joining Rapido as a development partner. Linda Hall Library has chosen Rapido, the intuitive borrowing-and-lending system, for its capability to automate the handling of high-volume lending, and for the opportunity it offers to expand its reach to new horizons. As a development partner, Linda Hall Library is helping Rapido build workflows specific to lending-only libraries. For library users, this new collaboration will give access to over 1 million science, technology and engineering materials spanning 82 languages, and to exclusive scientific-research titles in just a few clicks. [Full Announcement].

March 16, 2023

Ex Libris Networking, Learning, and Fun: The Ultimate Guide to the ELUNA 2023 Annual Meeting. Ex Libris will participate in the 2023 ELUNA events coming up this May 8-12, especially as they will be the first in-person ELUNA events since 2019. What a great opportunity to connect once again with familiar faces, or to meet and greet new colleagues. The conference will bring librarians and technology professionals together with a wide range of Ex Libris staff including executive leadership, product experts, support professionals and more. It will offer a platform for participants to share best practices, network, and learn about the latest developments in Ex Libris products and services. [Full Announcement].

March 1, 2023

Ex Libris Transparent borrowing journey for students at the University of Derby. The University of Derby takes a new step towards modernizing the students' library experience and offers students access to a world of resources at their fingertips through the Rapido resource-sharing community. [Full Announcement].

February 23, 2023

Ex Libris University of Delaware selects Ex Libris Unified Suite of Services. Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, announced that the University of Delaware has selected Ex Libris Alma for library management, Primo for library resource discovery, Leganto for course resource delivery, and Esploro for research information management. It becomes the 79th Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member to choose Alma. [Full Announcement].

January 20, 2023

Ex Libris How library resource sharing is fulfilling its promise. New technologies are simplifying the workflows of interlibrary loan and document sharing services, expanding access for users to larger collections and minimizing the workload on librarians [Full Announcement].