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Statistical Report for Koha -- Independent

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Product: Koha -- Independent Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction26 4 5 10 7 87.778
Company Satisfaction22 1 3 4 5 9 97.828
Support Satisfaction23 2 2 4 6 9 97.788
Support Improvement21 1 8 2 2 8 56.957
Company Loyalty21 1 2 1 1 3 13 97.819
Open Source Interest20 1 19 98.859

Considering new ILS27 13.70%
Considering new Interface27 13.70%
System Installed on time?27 1762.96%
Product: Koha -- Independent Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction7 3 2 2 77.868
Company Satisfaction7 1 3 3 88.298
Support Satisfaction7 3 2 2 77.868
Support Improvement0 not applicable
Company Loyalty7 1 2 4 98.439
Open Source Interest7 1 6 98.869

Considering new ILS7 00.00%
Considering new Interface7 00.00%
System Installed on time?7 342.86%
Product: Koha -- Independent Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction1 1 88.008
Company Satisfaction1 1 55.005
Support Satisfaction1 1 55.005
Support Improvement0 not applicable
Company Loyalty1 1 55.005
Open Source Interest1 1 99.009

Considering new ILS3 133.33%
Considering new Interface3 00.00%
System Installed on time?3 133.33%


We migrated to Koha independently, as part of the[...] project. but are working toward a hosted support contract with ByWater Solutions, once Koha version 3.2 is available. ByWater currently provides our support on a ticket basis.

Finalizing testing for upgrading Koha from 2.2.9 to 3.2.

We are not thinking of migrating to a new ILS but we are expecting our IT support to install the latest version of the software by the end of the year.

Switched successfully to Koha in september 2009, with help of Biblibre, Tamil and french Koha community.

We have been migrating to Koha this year in house and it has run very smoothly. Any hic-ups have been helped with people's online blogs or help sites and the mailing list.

We have not completed yet our ILS Project using KOHA. Hope it will be inaugurated at the beginning of next year.

As we have been live for less than a year I cannot comment on relative support quality. However our partner / consultant has been thorough and responsive to our needs during deployment. I included answers to the open source questions because we did consider Evergreen, and will continue to monitor open source products although we are unlikely to change our ILS again for a while.

We have been live with Koha for about a month. We like it quite well, though there are a few bugs which we hope will be fixed in the next version - i.e. branch-specific holds do not work.

Support company good (and cheap). Koha3 is rapidly gaining Australian health library adherents( over 40 in last 18 months). For rural areas, an economical way of getting on the web amid serious health service budgetary problems. Poor IT web infrastructure in some rural areas lead to delays in some modules. Koha3 a big improvements over Koha2, but several modules still need a lot of work. Koha has enabled us to institute an area wide network accessible by our many remote users, whereas conventional LMS put this beyond our limited budgets.

We notice that linux (OS) of koha work better and users can easily get support on it than windows version