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Library Automation Survey

Welcome to the 2010 edition of the Library Technology Guides automation survey. In order to measure some of the trends relating to library automation systems, we would appreciate your response to the following questions.

This is the fourth edition of the survey. Libraries are encourgaged to respond to each annual edition. We are interested in noting any changes that you perceive in performance of the companies and quality of the products used in your library since your last response. Please base your comments on your perceptions of performance only for the last year.

In order to ensure the validity of the survey, we request that only one response be provided for each library. We recognize that a variety of opinions regarding these questions may be represented within any given library. Please provide responses which you believe represent the views of the primary decision-makers within your library.

None of the responses or comments that you provide in this survey will be publicly attributed to you. We will publish the data in summary form. Comments will appear in the results, but redacted to remove references to you or your library.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, you can ask Marshall Breeding.

Please provide the following information about yourself:

First Name:
Last Name:
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Current Automation System:
Current Version:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
How satisfied is the library with your current Integrated Library System (ILS)?
0=Not Satisfied 9=Very Satisfied
How satisfied is the library overall with the company* from which you acquired your ILS?
0=Not Satisfied 9=Very Satisfied
How satisfied is this library with this company's customer support services?
0=Not Satisfied 9=Very Satisfied
Has the customer support for your ILS gotten better or gotten worse in the last year?
0=Worse 9=Better
Would your library consider working with this company again if your library were to migrate to a new ILS in the future?
0=Not Likely 9=Very Likely
For the most recent ILS implemented in your library, was the system installed and put into production on schedule according to the terms of your contract?
[ yes] [ no]
Is this library currently considering migrating to a new ILS?
[ yes] [ no]
If yes, please list ILS products under consideration:
Is this library currently considering acquiring a discovery interface or Next-generation catalog for its collection that is separate from the ILS?
[ yes] [ no]
If yes, please list discovery products under consideration:
How likely is it that this library would consider implementing an open source ILS?
0=Not Likely 9=Very Likely
If interested in open source ILS options, please list the products under consideration:
Please provide any additional comments or information that you consider relevant:

*Note: if your library currently uses an open source ILS product, please focus your responses and comments on any organizations or companies that have been involved.