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Statistical Report for Horizon

2010 Survey Results 2009 Survey Results 2008 Survey Results 2007 Survey Results
Product: Horizon Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction179 1 1 9 9 20 24 31 44 27 13 75.996
Company Satisfaction179 4 3 19 15 18 29 22 43 19 7 75.316
Support Satisfaction179 4 4 14 9 23 17 23 45 24 16 75.736
Support Improvement179 10 8 12 10 25 55 17 23 12 7 54.805
Company Loyalty179 21 9 9 11 20 21 24 31 19 14 74.945
Open Source Interest176 31 15 15 8 17 19 16 14 14 27 04.445

Considering new ILS185 10556.76%
Considering new Interface185 6434.59%
System Installed on time?185 16187.03%
Average Collection size: 399582
Product: Horizon Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction190 3 5 6 7 13 24 25 69 31 7 76.077
Company Satisfaction188 4 14 19 21 21 23 25 37 16 8 74.915
Support Satisfaction188 3 5 10 16 14 31 25 39 28 17 75.776
Support Improvement177 6 10 11 9 21 59 25 16 14 6 54.895
Company Loyalty186 26 9 12 9 21 30 16 26 22 15 54.755
Open Source Interest185 27 13 20 20 17 20 18 23 7 20 04.254

Considering new ILS197 9045.69%
Considering new Interface197 4824.37%
System Installed on time?197 15980.71%
Product: Horizon Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction206 3 3 9 18 24 20 41 54 31 3 75.686
Company Satisfaction206 17 10 22 25 31 33 25 27 11 5 54.324
Support Satisfaction206 8 5 16 21 20 20 37 40 31 8 75.356
Support Improvement0 not applicable
Company Loyalty206 25 17 17 17 24 33 21 21 14 17 54.375
Open Source Interest206 21 22 18 14 18 22 15 26 15 35 94.805

Considering new ILS208 12761.06%
Considering new Interface208 5928.37%
System Installed on time?208 18990.87%
Product: Horizon Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction178 1 3 5 4 10 22 48 56 24 5 76.136
Company Satisfaction271 17 14 22 33 46 44 40 33 14 8 44.495
Support Satisfaction270 2 10 14 14 25 32 47 58 50 18 75.896
Support Improvement0 not applicable
Company Loyalty269 28 17 21 21 34 65 29 29 16 9 54.355
Open Source Interest269 35 25 32 27 26 36 24 25 17 22 54.124

Considering new ILS274 13649.64%
Considering new Interface274 6624.09%
System Installed on time?274 10.36%


Another very disappointing year from SirsiDynix. Support has gone from bad to worse with the closing down of the UK support office and the loss of vital local knowledge. As an example of how poor things have become, another UK Horizon academic site (which pays SirsiDynix to provide *all* IT support, administration and maintenance for their ILS) recently had a "system down" event and it was nearly 48 hours before the company responded and began fixing the problem. In general, most UK customers are reporting lengthy delays with the US based support, despite assurances that the UK would now receive improved 24/7 support.

We have already purchased out next ILS system, but will Go Live until Ju 2010

Currently have aquabrowser as our search interface, there is trouble with the level of interaction with Horizon which is the only reason we are currently exploring Enterprise. We are extremely pleased with the search functions of Aquabrowser but the request feature is poor.

Budget constraints prohibit us from making major changes unless essential to operation.

Serious consideration would be given to a vendor hosted ILS

Since we could not justify a migration to another ILS the last time we looked, we are aggressively looking at ways to expand HIP's capabilities. So far, we have not been impressed with the discovery layers available but we continue to incorporate other enhancements such as content from LibraryThing and Novelist as well as working with Jaunter to provide a "did you mean" option.

We implemented the Summon discovery service at the start of the year - so not considering acquiring another one.

Very satisfied with the Horizon product. WAS very satisfied with Dynix as the vendor. Much less satisfied after the merger with Sirsi. Not happy when they threw Horizon under the bus in favor of Unicorn/Symphony. SirsiDynix's customer support site is very difficult to use efficiently.

Since we are a Horizon library we are in something of a limbo. We are nearing roll out of our discovery product ([...] -- based on Blacklight) and will next turn out attention to how to handle the other aspects of our computing needs.

We are migrating to the Evergreen open source ILS....

In the past year many of the senior support personnel at SirsiDynix have left the company because of the closing of the Huntsville office. At the Provo headquarters they are hiring students right out of BYU with no experience in, well anything. Those left in support are doing their best, and I truly appreciate them, but they are overwhelmed and cannot give the kind of support that is needed, even for a legacy system. The company is highly dis-organized and has no clear direction as evidenced by the recent move to continue to develop (in a limited fashion) Horizon after they had announced that Horizon would no longer be developed. Much of senior management has left and it doesn't appear that anyone truly has a vision for the future.

The State Library is looking towards a statewide open source catalog and we would like to be a part of that.

Open source depends on adequate staffing and local expertise and time to program. These we don't have in our district as we are operating with minimal staff

[...] will be migrating to AutoGraphics in 2011, with training beginning early spring and the target go-live date of ..., 2011. We considered several systems including KOHA but decided the best fit was AG; and they were eager to have our consortium as a customer and negotiated accordingly.

SiriDynix has alienated a good share of its customer base by eliminating any kind of upgrade path for Horizon customers. Their current product, Symphony, isn't impressive to Horizon customers in a competitive bid situation.

SirsiDynix continues to issue upgrades to Horizon, which lowers our anxiety that Horizon will be jettisoned and Symphony made SirsiDynix's only product. Still, features we were promised in Horizon 8 when we purchased Horizon have never been added and the opac is beginning to look and function like something from the last century. SirsiDynix is making some of its newer products, which could overlay what we currently have, work with Horizon. It is difficult, however, to get information about new products (like Portfolio) that provide real understanding of how we could integrate it or use it to best advantage. The online demos are poorly done and sketchy; getting to talk with a technical rep who can answer detailed questions is difficult. Still, customer service, specifically its SaaS service, remains highly responsive and supportive for us.

LIke our automation software very much. Customer support is excellent. Our biggest issue is the ongoing cost of maintenance. It is very hard to afford year after year. Also wary of unexpected changes of course in product development and its life cycle. Considering open source move through the State Library of [...] primarily to save funds.

All of these services are supplied to us by the local County Library system. Being a small town Library we would have no plans to go out on our own at this time.

More than migration specific, we are hoping to leverage economies of scale by integrating with other regional or statewide libraries. It seems the Open Source products are best positioned to realize this goal.

We implemented a discovery interface last year: Aquabrowser. We're very satisfied with it.

We are planning to implement a discovery layer first, have not yet looked around enough to list a long line of products. Then we plan to upgrade the ILS when the market settles down a bit. We are watching both Symphony and Koha to see how they, and their support companies develop.

We do not have staffing to be able to support open source systems.

We are part of a federated system which provides all tech services from in-house. I have no knowledge of the details of the current system installation since it was handled by the IT team. I am aware that Horizon has not been as helpful as hoped in providing support.

As one with responsibilities over systems I am more enthusiastic than my peers about moving to an open-source system. The main stumbling block seems to be that larger, more influential institutions have not moved in this direction. There also seems to be a misconception that one is "out there alone" when they adopt an open-source ILS.

Most of the current crop of Discovery products don't provide the seamless integration with LMS that we would like (drops out to standard PAC when placing holds, viewing My Account info, etc).

we have just received permission to move our ILS to a SaaS model rather than hosting ourselves. Not sure when it will be implemented.

considering upgrading to the latest version of the LMS to take advantage of the latest version of the web opac, etc, however will loose site specific customisations with upgrade.

We are in a consortium with two other Libraries. Because Horizon is no longer being developed, our plan for the future is to migrate to another ILS, probably late 2012 or early 2013.

We're an ASP site for Horizon, which means that we don't have an in-house server. Dynix recently discontinued tech support for ASP clients on the weekends which is when many of our problems occur. We had an ongoing problem this year which we brought to the attention of our rep while at ALA this summer. She was prompt in following up and helping us to a resolution.

Horizon has a low reliability rate. The search engine for authors/books etc is poor. Cross referencing is weak.

SirsiDynix support for Horizon has deteriorated since the Huntington and Provo staff were consolidated. Some issues take several weeks or longer to get resolved. Some support staff fail to understand the issue even when examples are provided and propose "solutions" that don't resolve the problem.

The retiring CEO and the incoming CEO both lean to open source.

I have a personal interest in FLOSS and try to influence my colleagues/superiors in this direction.

The librarians would prefer a new interface, a next generation catalog but nobody expects that the next two years we could have the appropriate budget

We already have Enterprise as our discovery interface

We're also watching the World Cat developments & the OLE project.

The above responses have been provided by the Support Services Librarian who has an indepth working knowledge of the ILS curently implemented. The responses are relevant to all libraries in the [...]. ...

The library already has a discovery interface separate from Horizon (BiblioCommons)

Our library system is under severe economic restrains which condition any ILS changes.

We have not yet migrated to Voyager; this will be accomplished in 2011.

Our system was installed in 1995 so my response to the question about installation is a best guess. The funding situation in the UK HE sector means that we are not likely to be going out to tender this year but we are certainly keeping an eye on what is happening, especailly with the implementioan of OS products.

The library is migrating to Polaris in March 2011

We have also looked at Libero and Civica products before deciding to migrate to Sirsi Dynix Symphony this year.

It's disappointing that ILS vendors and our in particular are so far behind technologically. However, the system we have is good enough for our most important needs.