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Press Release: Biblionix [April 27, 2020]

Biblionix announces Quarantine Capability

Austin, Texas – April 27, 2020 – Biblionix today announced a quarantine capability for its Apollo ILS/LSP. Returned items, checked in by staff, can be isolated for any number of days. Options include:

  • Quarantine days can be set differently for different item types, if desired.
  • Reserves can be removed from quarantine independent of the whole batch, as soon as their quarantine time is up.
  • An "En Masse Check In" tool can be used to remove whole batches from quarantine.
  • Support is provided for RFID equipment like chutes and sorters by the addition of quarantine status information in Apollo's SIP response.

"I want to thank you for all the work you have been doing making changes to help us handle the challenges that this situation has created. We have implemented some, but not all, of the changes at our library. It is nice to work with a company who cares so much and reacts quickly to the requests or needs of its customers.," said Shanna Speer, Director of the Nevada Public Library in Iowa. "I hope that you have been getting a lot of support and appreciation for the work the you all have been doing. Thank you."

Apollo's quarantine capability is available immediately at no additional charge to customers. A companion update is planned soon that will allow patrons to check in their own items. This will virtually eliminate staff contact with returned items until they are ready to come out of quarantine.

For more information on Biblionix, and its intuitive, imaginative solutions solely for public libraries with less than 300,000 holdings, visit the website at or contact Dick Moeller at

About Biblionix, LLC

Biblionix is located in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2003. The family-owned company is devoted solely to public libraries. Providing the Apollo ILS/LSP with this singular focus, Biblionix excels at delighting just that one type of customer. The result is an Apollo retention rate of over 99% over all 13 years. Further, Apollo has won Product of the Year or Platinum in the Modern Library Awards is each of the last 6 years. And the annual "Perceptions" survey by Marshall Breeding, have shown Apollo topping the charts for many consecutive years. Most Biblionix staff members have worked or volunteered at a public library.

Summary: Biblionix announced a quarantine capability for its Apollo® ILS/LSP. Returned items, checked in by staff, can be isolated for any number of days.
Publication Year:2020
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 27, 2020
Company: Biblionix

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