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Press Release: Lyngsoe Systems [October 1, 2020]

First customer in Sweden of IMMS, the Intelligent Material Management System from Lyngsoe Systems

[AARS, DENMARK] – Lyngsoe Systems is pleased to announce that the (Public) Libraries of Malmö have become the first institution in Sweden to select Lyngsoe Systems' Intelligent Material Management System (IMMS).

The Libraries will integrate IMMS with their Sierra Library Management System from Innovative Interfaces Inc., a ProQuest Company.

With new libraries on the horizon, there is a well-worked out plan for expansion – in Malmö City the libraries are invested in, prioritized and cherished.

IMMS complements Sierra and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in the material flow. Utilizing the latest tools for data collection, material management and logistics, items can be floated according to specific profiles to the branches requiring it, without risking depleted or overflowing shelves in other areas of the system, greatly enhancing the number of different titles available for the patrons.

IMMS greatly increases the quality of data and empowers the staff to make evidence-based decisions. IMMS also helps prevent and/or detect handling errors and supplies accurate and detailed reports on item use and placements.

Mogens Olsen, Nordic Area Sales Manager from Lyngsoe Systems, states:

"Malmö already is an experienced user of Lyngsoe Sort Mate 2000 book sorting systems; Malmö is a role model for using integrated technology to achieve its goals for the patrons. With IMMS, Malmö will take the next step in optimizing its resources and creating a basis for making their libraries even more attractive."

Torbjörn Nilsson Library Director/CEO of The Libraries of Malmö states:

"We will try to streamline and develop as much as possible. It matters to be able to grow and have staff in more sites even though we do not think we will get much more money in a tight financial reality"

Malmö has intensively visited IMMS installations in the Nordics: Finland (Oodi, Helsinki) and numerous libraries in Denmark and as librarian Christina Mattisson states:

"With IMMS we have a realistic expectation of achieving better time and shelf space prioritization, paperless handling that meets the GDPR requirements and a more optimal starting point for the purchase of books."

About The Libraries of Malmö

The Libraries of Malmö consist of the Main City Library and twelve branches. They are well-known for new ways to offer lifelong learning and entertainment in a multicultural Malmö. You will find 500,000 media, with books in over 50 different languages, magazines and newspapers from all over the World, films, video games and audio books.

Since 2017 the thirteen libraries are gathered in the same organization – The Libraries of Malmö – under the Culture Committee. The organization prides itself on being curious and fearless while balancing the challenges of society with brave culture and new technology. It is renowned for its author stage that draws international superstars and the innovative work with children and young people as well as bridging the digital divide and welcoming newly arrived with language cafés. The Libraries of Malmö was the first large library system in Sweden to be LGBT-certified, dedicated to being inclusive and participation-driven.

About Lyngsoe Systems

Lyngsoe Systems has been a world leader in the field of cutting-edge electronic logistics control for over 40 years and is leading within the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

With a proven record of accomplishment of more than 3,700 installations in over 60 countries, the Lyngsoe Systems team can demonstrate extensive experience in customer process knowledge, solution design, software development, integration, service and maintenance.

Lyngsoe Systems' Library unit aims to release librarian power by offering logistics solutions for improved patron service. IMMS automatically reports the media as returned to the library management system, where all data resides. The integrated scanners in the inductions read the RFID tags and/or bar codes on the media,

and the software determines the appropriate material category (e.g. novels), before sending the media on to the sorter. The sorter conveys the media to the chute/destination as defined by the library staff in the control software.

About IMMS

The Intelligent Material Management System (IMMS) is a logistical system, which complements your existing ILS/LMS and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in your material flow. Utilizing new tools for data collection, items can be tracked to the shelf, shelving cart, transport bin, or storage location. These tools greatly increase the quality of data, and significantly improve the circulation of your collection. The intelligent distribution-algorithm manages and optimizes item distribution in a floating or partly floating collection.

For more information about IMMS and other library solutions visit our website or contact

Summary: Lyngsoe Systems announced that the Libraries of Malmö have become the first institution in Sweden to select Lyngsoe Systems' Intelligent Material Management System. The Libraries will integrate IMMS with their Sierra Library Management System from Innovative Interfaces Inc., a ProQuest Company.
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