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Spydus is an Integrated Library System offered by Civica.

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Spydus has been installed in 230 libraries, spanning 2,296 facilities or branches)

Spydus implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Spydus sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Spydus

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Sales Statistics for Spydus

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Spydus
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20221717843
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20213333827
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System202039421
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System201922
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20192626
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System2018105137351
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20176462214
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System2016272727
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20152636425
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System2014141412
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System201322150
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20133123
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System201266153
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System201166158
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20101111178
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20091312180
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20081023184
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20072524184
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System20063030176
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System200416199
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System200321196
Spydus CivicaIntegrated Library System200150191

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Spydus Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2021 Spydus Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS267.42 100107.8066.83201
ILSFunctionality267.38 100107.5066.50201
PrintFunctionality268.12 100108.2067.50201
ElectronicFunctionality246.46 000106.1066.17101
SatisfactionCustomerSupport266.12 100106.7065.00201
CompanyLoyalty257.04 100107.9065.83101

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Documents or articles featuring Spydus

Breeding, Marshall. Civica Launches Spydus 9. October 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Civica Library and Learning has released the latest major version of its flagship library management system, Spydus 9. This new version of Spydus incorporates a variety of new functional capabilities and technology enhancements. Embracing many of the characteristics of the new generation library services platforms, it includes comprehensive resource management, Webbased interfaces, and open APIs. Civica offers Spydus 9 either for local installation or as a fully-managed hosted service.

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News Anouncements for Spydus

Geelong Regional Library Corporation implements Civica's Spydus for enhanced community service
December 13, 2023 - Global GovTech provider Civica and Geelong Regional Library Corporation announced their partnership, marking an exciting step forward in delivering cutting-edge library services to the communities of the region. By implementing Civica's Spydus, a state-of-the-art library management system, GRLC are poised to elevate their offerings enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency.

Cloud tech sparks new chapter for Greater Manchester's libraries
January 12, 2023 - Wigan and Bury borough councils have joined local authorities across Greater Manchester in adopting world-leading digital technology to transform their local libraries. The move by Wigan and Bury means that all ten of Greater Manchester's local authorities are now using the Spydus library system, developed by UK-based, global GovTech provider Civica.

SPUN 22: Library leaders from across ANZ explore latest features of cutting-edge Spydus solution
November 24, 2022 - Virtual book groups, enhanced discovery OPAC and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the new features that library users explored at Civica's SPUN week, a conference led by Civica following enhancements to leading library management software Spydus, which is used by more than over 500 libraries across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Libraries across every Irish county to benefit from new digital tech to help boost reading and literacy
November 9, 2021 - Libraries across every county of Ireland are set to benefit from the rollout of a new software system to boost national and local efforts to encourage more reading and improve literacy. The Local Government Management Agency, a state body that provides a range of professional services to local authorities, is working with global software provider Civica to implement the cloud Spydus library management platform in all public libraries across Ireland's 31 local authorities. A complete solution for library management, Spydus will support national programmes to inspire, connect and empower communities and improve reading and literacy. The new software will support the government's Our Public Libraries 2022 national public library strategy.

On demand library services: Campbelltown Library chooses Civica's Spydus to deliver an even better reading experience for local community
August 17, 2021 - Campbelltown City Council Libraries, which caters for more than 170,000 residents, will be using the integrated library management tool Spydus, provided by global smart software provider Civica. Through Spydus, Campbelltown's local community will be able to access all library services online, including services such as Campbelltown's comprehensive local history archive.

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