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Volume 32 Number 12 (December 2012)

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Breeding, Marshall, Smarter Libraries through Technology: Providing Support for Reference Services
The current information and technology landscape has had a profound impact on the nature of reference services in libraries. In times when almost any factual question can be handled by a quick search on Google or by “asking Siri,” these types of questions, once a signification portion of questions directed reference librarians, have largely disappeared. This trend has been in effect for quite some time, sparking many libraries to refocus the activities of their reference librarians as well as to turn to various technology and content products to reach out to patrons to ensure that they have access to high-quality information sources.
Breeding, Marshall, Credo Reference Introduces and Expands Literati Platform
In addition to the discovery services, which have been covered frequently in SLN, other products provide a more structured approach to guiding library users to the library's electronic collections. Credo Reference, for example, offers a suite of products that provide access not only to its own collections of reference resources, but also serves as a discovery interface into a library's broader collections according to specialized topic areas. Credo Reference traditionally has specialized in creating Web-based products centered on providing access to reference information sources. In recent years, the company has steadily evolved its product offerings, addressing an ever-expanded body of content resources and offering new capabilities for search and exploration. In addition to the core Credo Reference collections, the company has developed a new-generation product called Literati, which has recently been enhanced with new communications and collaboration capabilities.
Breeding, Marshall, ChiliFresh Goes Social and Offers Text-Based Chat Services
ChiliFresh, a company that provides Review Engine that can be integrated into any online catalog or discovery interface, has added a new optional component to its product that layers on a full social network centered on reading and library activities. It has introduced a Facebook app and offers a free Reference Desk Chat utility.
Breeding, Marshall, Serials Solutions launches Summon Suggestions for enhanced research assistance
Serials Solutions has added a new cluster of features to its Summon discovery service, announced in November 2012, designed to provide additional research assistance to library patrons beyond the presentation of search results. These features, based on the context provided by the user's search query, provide automated tools that can be customized by the library as well as real-time assistance capabilities.