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100 Congress Avenue Suite 2000
Austin, Texas 78701
United States
Phone: 877-800-5625

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Clark Charbonnet
Clark Charbonnet
photo of Alexander Charbonnet
Alexander Charbonnet

Company Ownership

Privately owned by Clark Charbonnet and Alexander Charbonnet

Documents or articles featuring Biblionix

Breeding, Marshall. VersaCard: A New Ad Hoc Consortia Option from Biblionix. July 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Biblionix, the supplier of the web-based Apollo ILS, recently introduced a new set of features to help libraries share their collections with selected library partners without the overhead and complications associated with prevailing models of consortial infrastructure. The company's VersaCard Ad Hoc Consortia enables multiple libraries using the Apollo ILS to let their patrons borrow materials from each other's collections. This new service complements its VersaCat discovery interface, which enables patrons to search multiple library catalogs. Biblionix recently launched a new inter-library reserves feature that can let patrons request materials from other libraries.

Breeding, Marshall. Biblionix: Specializing in Technology for Small Public Libraries. September 2014. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Biblionix has developed its Apollo ILS specifically for small public libraries. The company has seen steady growth in terms of the numbers of libraries subscribing Apollo and in ever broader geographic areas beyond its home turf of Texas. The customer base of Apollo remains a bit more concentrated in the Midwest and Northeast of the United States, with increasing penetration in other states, including Washington, Oregon, Alabama, Florida. While still in the small-library niche, some of the recent sales of Apollo have been to multi-branch libraries or small consortia. Biblionix has not ventured to offer its products outside the United States or to other types of libraries

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News Announcements

January 11, 2022. Fresh, Gallery View in Apollo Catalogs. The Apollo® LSP public catalog has a new look. We've added “Gallery View” for search results. This is in addition to the existing List view. Library staff can decide which view to use or allow patrons to choose. This is available immediately at no charge to Apollo customers who have a catalog enhancement option.

January 4, 2022. FlexShare is new moniker for VersaCard and VersaCat. Biblionix today has renamed VersaCat and VersaCard. “FlexShare Consortia” now takes center stage.

February 23, 2021. Apollo LSP boosted with Advanced Reserves and Library of Things. Biblionix announced Advanced Reserve and Library of Things (LoT) capabilities for its Apollo ILS/LSP. Libraries can choose to implement either one or both on anything in their Apollo catalogs.

November 30, 2020. Biblionix fee reductions and COVID-19. Biblionix's subscription model is helping libraries with COVID-19 related budget challenges. If usage of the Apollo ILS is lower, normal company policy is to reduce fees at renewal time to match the actual usage over the previous 12 months. This is counter to common behavior of other vendors; locking-in prices for years, and in some cases applying automatic yearly increases.

September 21, 2020. Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library Launches New and Improved Online Catalog. The Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library invites residents to explore the new and improved online library catalog

June 2, 2020. Biblionix Announces a Battery of COVID-19 Coping Tools. Biblionix today announced the completion of its Mobile Checkout capability for the Apollo® ILS/LSP. This brings the number of closure and partial-closure tools that are now available to all Apollo customers to eighteen. All are free of charge.

April 27, 2020. Biblionix announces Quarantine Capability. Biblionix announced a quarantine capability for its Apollo® ILS/LSP. Returned items, checked in by staff, can be isolated for any number of days.

July 30, 2019. Biblionix announces Reserve Express enhancements for media and series. Biblionix announced that its ground-breaking Reserve Express capability has been significantly enhanced. The Apollo ILS/LSP Reserve Express feature has allowed patrons to subscribe to their favorite authors for receiving new titles. Whenever staff catalogs such new books, they simply click a button to add all subscribers to the reserve list, in random order. This lets patrons rest easy and not be concerned with the arrival timing of new books; as subscribers, they know they’ll receive them. And staff need not maintain manual lists of subscribers.

February 11, 2019. Biblionix announces the Dashboard for its Apollo ILS/LSP. Biblionix announced that a new staff interface is available for its Apollo LSP at no charge. The Dashboard brings a sleek, contemporary look to staff’s primary access/home page. It provides unprecedented access to key information with up-to-the-minute status. Tabs are managed internally to the Dashboard allowing for features like auto-restore and precise labeling.

July 10, 2018. Biblionix announces Kids' Catalog version for its Apollo ILS/LSP. Biblionix announced the availability of a “Kids' Catalog” option for the award-winning Apollo ILS/LSP. It allows children to browse and discover materials related to their age-level. Each library chooses what classes of materials are made accessible through the new catalog. And optional links to toggle between the general catalog and the Kids' Catalog can be deployed. An example image of the new catalog is shown below and a live version is accessible here.

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Corporate Chronology

Oct 19, 2006 Biblionix announces Apollo Automation Service
Biblionix announced formal availability of its Apollo Automation Service. Apollo was designed by and for small and medium sized public libraries. It is hosted over the Internet from Biblionix’s servers, eliminating the need for an on-site server. No software installation is required, only a Web browser on any operating system.

2003 Biblionix founded by Alexander Charbonnet

Apollo Satisfaction Ratings

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Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2022 Biblionix Accomplishments Narrative

Biblionix grew again in 2022, continuing an unbroken string since its inception. Fifty-six new customers joined the Apollo® family. Apollo’s retention rate remains extraordinarily high. The trend of new customers migrating from “high-end” systems also continued. Two Texas consortia dissolved during 2022: The Tejas group (Koha) and the North Texas Library consortium (NTLC on Evergreen). The lion’s share of each chose Apollo. The Tejas migrations happened in 2022. The NTLC migrations are planned for early 2023. The NTLC group is migrating with FlexShare™ in place.

Apollo 2022 enhancements include

  • Chat feature for Gabbie® for the catalog and library websites
  • A new report structure to allow for easier use, saving parameters, and scheduling of when a report should run.
  • Square payment processing
  • Faster catalog results display (still no paging)
  • Download and graphed options for click-through statistics of e-Resources in the catalog and remotely authenticated links.

In general, pricing that was lowered due to Covid-induced lower usage has continued to increase or return to normal. In other words, libraries are still getting busier.

Interest in FlexShare and partnering of school and public libraries (like Nashville’s Limitless Libraries operation) drove the creation of a new product and business segment for Biblionix: the Artemis™ ILS/LSP. Artemis is an offshoot of Apollo and is designed for schools. Apollo and Artemis were brother and sister after all. With its own Support staff, Artemis will not interfere with Apollo’s superior customer support. And Apollo will not be cluttered with school features. So, with the Artemis/Apollo duo, "FlexShare Community" is becoming a reality to allow public and school libraries to take advantage of the unique sharing opportunities of FlexShare.

In 2022, eight school systems adopted Artemis.

Our servers continue to be managed and used solely by us, thus keeping our customers insulated from the risks of hardware and other vulnerabilities. In other words, we have never and do not ever plan to use shared/”cloud” services such as Amazon AWS. Biblionix continues to be privately funded, profitable, and debt-free.

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