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One Boston Place Suite 2600
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
United States
Phone: 617-939-9623

Executive Leadership

photo of Lynn Bailey
Lynn Bailey
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Sebastian Hammer
Sebastian Hammer
Co-founder and President
photo of Adam Dickmeiss
Adam Dickmeiss
Chief Technical Architect

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Index Data is privately owned.

Personnel employed

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Breeding, Marshall. Project Reshare and OpenRS: differing approaches to open source resource sharing. December 2023. Library Technology Newsletter. In recent months, a schism has erupted in the open source resource sharing realm. Two open source resource sharing projects that previously resided within a single organization have separated, due not only to the differing functional models of their products, but also because of differences in styles of collaboration. Launched in 2018, Project ReShare has been advancing an open source platform for resource sharing, created collaboratively among a community of interested libraries and vendors. Project ReShare continues with its mission to strengthen its resource sharing community and to continue to enhance and support its platform. The organization is also refining its organizational structure and articulating its values and community processes. OpenRS, was launched in 2023 as a new initiative to develop, support, and promote a new open source direct consortial borrowing solution. Though a relatively new project, OpenRS moves forward with a well defined development agenda, backed by two commercial vendors, EBSCO Information Services and Knowledge Integration, with substantial involvement of MOBIUS as its first planned implementor.

. FOLIO Project members have elected their first Community Council. March 23, 2021. . The results are in. The FOLIO project has held project-wide elections for the first time to initiate FOLIO's new Community Council. The Community Council's role is to foster a healthy and productive community ecosystem of sustainable collaboration for the FOLIO project. Among the responsibilities of the Community Council are to ensure a strong community by onboarding new members to the FOLIO project and making sure that the community is collaborative and inclusive.

. Project ReShare and Stanford Libraries Launch Controlled Digital Lending Implementers Group. July 2, 2020. . Project ReShare and Stanford Libraries of Stanford University announce the launch of the Controlled Digital Lending Implementers group to explore and coordinate broad and thoughtful implementation of controlled digital lending.

. Project ReShare launches: community-owned library resource sharing platform attracts significant contributions. November 5, 2018. . A group of leading library and information organizations has come together to create Project ReShare - a new and open approach to library resource sharing systems. ReShare aims to inject new life into this space by developing a community-owned resource sharing platform. ReShare’s open source software will be built with a modular architecture focused on user-centric design. Organizations can adapt the system to their specific needs and experiment with new service models. Users will have the option to install the platform locally or select a preferred vendor for hosting and support. ReShare’s Apache 2.0 software license will allow libraries, developers, and vendors to innovate freely. Project ReShare is currently seeking membership in the Open Library Foundation, which will own the project’s intellectual property.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Supports New Open Source Project in Partnership with Kuali OLE. May 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A new initiative has launched to create an open source library services platform for academic libraries. EBSCO Information Services conceived the project and will provide substantial funding. A community of developers comprising commercial and library organizations will create the software. Kuali OLE, previously working to create its own open source library resource management system, will make a transition to participate in this new initiative rather than complete its own software. Many details of the new project, including the nature of Kuali OLE's involvement, are not yet finalized. The resources currently lining up behind this initiative provide the potential for the rapid development generally consistent with the plans for Kuali OLE. Participants characterize this new project as not as a setback, but as an acceleration of the availability of an open source library services platform for academic libraries.

. The ZING Initiative. November 26, 2002. . The ZING Initiative (Z39.50 International Next Generation), under the auspices of the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency at the Library of Congress, is pleased to announce Version 1.0 of SRW and CQL.

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News Announcements

May 8, 2024. CAVAL and Index Data to provide ReShare platform to NLA as their new National Resource Sharing Solution. CAVAL, in partnership with Index Data, will manage and support ReShare for the National Library and Trove Partners to enable efficient interlibrary loan and document delivery services to their patrons. The ReShare platform is developed and maintained by Project ReShare, a community of libraries and resource-sharing consortia, along with Index Data as a founding member and lead developer. The project uses ISO18626 as a roadmap to develop resource-sharing features for all types of materials and delivery modes which is meant to reduce siloes in the library landscape. As part of the agreement, CAVAL and Index Data will act as a local point of contact for the National Library, to install, manage, and maintain systems for the ReShare solution, respond to inquiries, provide training, and assist with integration support to Trove Partners.

September 18, 2023. Index Data celebrates successful FOLIO and LDP installation at Stanford University Library. Index Data congratulated Stanford University on the successful deployment of FOLIO, the revolutionary open source library services platform. Stanford University went live on FOLIO in mid-August 2023 as it combined two integrated library systems from five campus libraries into a university-wide library services platform.

September 13, 2023. Index Data applauds Linköping University Library's successful FOLIO implementation. Index Data announced that Linköping University Library in Sweden has gone live with FOLIO. Linköping University has been part of the FOLIO Community for a number of years and has worked on its migration for months, culminating in a go-live on July 24, 2023. Staff at Linköping University Library began the process by analyzing FOLIO's functionality and workflows. This included mapping local library workflows to the features offered by FOLIO apps, enabling efficient resource management and improved user experiences, and mapping existing data to the data structure in FOLIO. Crucial was an outstanding collaboration with the University's IT department. Linköping University Library contacted Index Data to provide support and expertise in a number of areas, including advice and best practices regarding technical infrastructure troubleshooting and upgrades.

September 8, 2023. Index Data becomes registered service provider for VuFind. Index Data, a global leader in library technology services, is proud to announce its registration as a service provider for VuFind, the innovative library resource portal designed and developed by libraries for libraries. Index Data has a history of providing hosting and development support for VuFind in association with FOLIO and ReShare implementations. This announcement formalizes its commitment to the VuFind community and further enriches its portfolio of open source library solutions.

July 29, 2023. Minitex selects ReShare hosted by Index Data for MNLINK. Minitex and Index Data announced that Minitex has selected ReShare to replace the VDX system that supports MNLINK, Minitex's groundbreaking statewide system that has revolutionized library access and resource sharing for patrons and staff across Minnesota since its initial launch in 2004. MNLINK's new platform is scheduled to go live by early summer, 2024. The new MNLINK, powered by ReShare and VuFind and hosted by Index Data, will serve as a comprehensive discovery and interlibrary loan interface, providing library patrons with seamless access to library materials from across Minnesota. This user-friendly system will also enable access to a diverse range of electronic resources including electronic journals, images, and ebooks.

June 21, 2023. University of Colorado Boulder completes migration to FOLIO hosted by Index Data. Index Data, a leading provider of innovative library software solutions, announced that the University of Colorado at Boulder s live on FOLIO, hosted by Index Data. CU Boulder's partnership with Index Data began with the task of handling the data migration to a self-hosted FOLIO but eventually expanded to include full implementation services as well as hosting by Index Data. The project included the University's migration from Sierra as well as the Law School's migration from Millennium. The partnership's growth exemplifies the trust that Index Data engendered with its customers.

June 21, 2023. Index Data is showcasing open source library solutions at the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition. Index Data, a leading provider of innovative library software solutions, will participate at the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition. The event will take place from June 23-26, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois. Index Data staff are eager to meet to discuss cutting-edge solutions, including FOLIO, the open source library services platform, and ReShare, the open source resource sharing system. These platforms empower libraries to enhance their collections, optimize patron experiences, and facilitate seamless resource sharing among institutions.

August 3, 2022. CAVAL becomes the first in Australia to implement FOLIO as its new Library Management Platform. CAVAL will be the first in Australia to implement FOLIO - Future of Libraries is Open – as its new Library Management Platform hosted by Index Data. CAVAL's previous Library Management System had served it well in the last 20 years, however, the changing times and its new strategic direction called for a fresh outlook.

January 19, 2022. Spokane (Washington) Public Library Adopts the FOLIO Platform. Spokane (Washington) Public Library became the first public library in North America to use the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The library uses Index Data to host and support the open source platform for its six branches and community of 210,000 residents. Averaging over two million circulations per year, it is among the largest installations of FOLIO to date.

September 24, 2021. CU Boulder partners with Index Data on data migration for FOLIO. A project to employ an open source Libraries Services Platform (LSP) to manage materials and resources at the University Libraries and the William A. Wise Law Library reached a significant milestone in August when preparation for transferring data between the old system and the new began. Index Data, a software and services company specializing in creating and providing services for innovative products and tools for the library ecosystem, is managing this transfer of data from the legacy system to the FOLIO LSP.

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Corporate Chronology

Aug 1994 Index Data Co-founded by Sebastian Hammer and Adam Dickmeiss

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 Index Data Accomplishments Narrative

We welcomed Minitex/MNLink to the ReShare family, going live in early 2024. We are also proud of the Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) work we did to enhance ReShare, working with the Boston Library Consortia. The roadmap for ReShare is full of exciting enhancements -- next up in 2024 is to integrate the German ILL system ZFL and its SNLP protocol with ReShare and FOLIO as well as non-returnables.

We continue to grow the number of libraries who we are helping to adopt FOLIO. Some are leveraging our implementation and hosting services, others are asking us to build or extend FOLIO Apps so that they can have a successful deployment. We enjoyed a great partnership assisting Stanford to go live on FOLIO. We continue to have a strong partnership with German networks, offering them development and hosting consulting services. We also have our first partner in South Africa who is servicing FOLIO, while we host for their customers.

We have made much progress in advancing the Library Data Platform, moving Metadb into production for our FOLIO customers, securing community funding for its continued development, and providing managed services for a self-hosting site.

Our history of open source and community building continues on today. We are working with several partners in the community to explore exciting opportunities to share resources and gain efficiency through the IMLS grant for CCLP (

Our staff is growing and we are proud of all of the partnerships we have built and the new ones we expect in the future.

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