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6565 Kilgour Place
Dublin, Ohio 43017-3395
United States
Phone: 614-764-6000

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Executive Leadership

photo of Skip Prichard
Skip Prichard
President and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Bill Rozek
Bill Rozek
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
photo of Bart Murphy
Bart Murphy
Chief Technology and Information Officer
photo of Julie Presas
Julie Presas
General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services
photo of Eric van Lubeek
Eric van Lubeek
Vice President, Global Library Services
photo of Drew Bordas
Drew Bordas
Vice President, Management and Customer Operations
photo of Chip Nilges
Chip Nilges
Vice President, Business Development
photo of Tammi Spayde
Tammi Spayde
Vice President, Marketing, Human Resources, Facilities
photo of Mary Sauer-Games
Mary Sauer-Games
Vice President, Global Product Management

Company Ownership

OCLC is a non-profit membership organization.

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Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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Documents or articles featuring OCLC

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC advances library discoverability through Google Search. May 2022. Library Technology Newsletter. OCLC has recently expanded its efforts to enable discovery of library collection items through Google search. The organization has joined those partnering with Google, providing feeds and other data needed to enable individuals to borrow items from their local library through the knowledge panels displayed in search results for books. By expanding its partnership program with Google, OCLC now provides a new and more powerful way to facilitate the exposure for library collections on the web. This mechanism enables links directly to the item in the library's catalog from the initial page of a Google search. This capability is facilitated by structured data from WorldCat delivered to Google and the linking data in the WorldCat Registry.

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC sues Clarivate over MetaDoor and its use of WorldCat records. Jun 2022. Library Technology Newsletter. OCLC filed a lawsuit against Clarivate and its subsidiaries demanding that Ex Libris cease promoting MetaDoor in a way that causes its member libraries to violate policies and contracts related to records in WorldCat. The complaint, filed on June 13, 2022, claims that Ex Libris is prompting OCLC members to share collection data that includes WorldCat records to MetaDoor in a way that violates OCLC policies and the terms of subscription contracts. OCLC asserts that MetaDoor takes unfair advantage of its long history of building WorldCat as a near-comprehensive bibliographic database. Further, OCLC states that Ex Libris offering MetaDoor as a free service is an anticompetitive strategy that endangers its very existence. This article presents the basic statements related to the complaint without opinion or commentary.

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC Acquires Capira Technologies, Strengthening its Mobile Offerings. October 2020. Smart Libraries Newsletter. OCLC has acquired Capira Technologies, a small firm specializing in mobile apps for libraries. In a deal concluded on July 1, 2020, OCLC assumes responsibility for the company, including the development and support of its existing mobile apps. The four employees of Capira Technology also joined OCLC, including company founder Michael Berse.

Breeding, Marshall. Smarter Libraries Through Technology: 50 Years of Technology at OCLC. August 2017. Smart Libraries Newsletter. July 2017 marks fifty years since OCLC was founded as a pioneering organization to provide a new model of collaborative cataloging. OCLC has been a mainstay in the realm of cooperative services and in library technology. The history of OCLC has played out in terms of creating new services, expanding its reach through partnerships and acquisitions of other organizations, and evolving its products through new generations of technology. A detailed history of OCLC would consume volumes. In this issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter, we review some of the high points of the organization's evolution, focusing mostly on the technology trends behind its products and services.

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC Acquires the Dutch ILS Provider HKA. November 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. OCLC has acquired Huijsmans en Kuijpers Automatisering BV (HKA), a vendor of library automation systems in the Netherlands. This acquisition further expands OCLC's already extensive involvement with cataloging and discovery services in the Netherlands. It also brings another for-profit ILS company into its organizational structure and brings a new set of products into its portfolio of technologies.

Huijsmans en Kuijpers Automatisering Background.

Breeding, Marshall. Innovative Interfaces Absorbs SkyRiver and Withdraws Lawsuit Against OCLC. April 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In a major shift in strategy reflecting a more collaborative style of its new ownership and management, Innovative interfaces has withdrawn the lawsuit it filed against OCLC in July 2010. SkyRiver Technologies, the sister company and lead plaintiff of the suit, has been absorbed into Innovative Interfaces, which will integrate the SkyRiver cataloging service into its product offerings.

OCLC. OCLC Launches WorldShare Metadata Collection Management. November 1, 2012. . OCLC continues the expansion of new applications available on its new strategic WorldShare Platform with the release of WorldShare Metadata. WorldShare Metadata collection management joins other major applications that OCLC has developed on its new WorldShare Platform, including WorldShare Management Services, which offers functionality to displace a locally-installed integrated library system, and WorldShare License Manager, which provides tools for managing a library's subscriptions to electronic resources.

Breeding, Marshall. BIBSYS and OCLC Withdraw from Partnership. October 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In previous issues of Smart Libraries Newsletter, we reported on the partnership for the BIBSYS consortium, comprising more than 100 research and special libraries in Norway to implement OCLC's WorldShare Management Services (WMS). The BIBSYS project has been presented by OCLC as an example of a large-scale project based on WMS that uses it as a foundation to support applications and services created by libraries and other third parties, as is the vision for the WorldShare Platform. OCLC and BIBSYS have recently announced that the project has been discontinued.

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC Expands Opportunities for Sharing WorldCat Metadata. October 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. OCLC and Europeana have recently reached an agreement that would allow member libraries to contribute data to the portal and remain within the WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities guidelines. Under this agreement, OCLC member libraries can contribute metadata derived from WorldCat using the Creative Commons Zero public domain license. Europeana and OCLC would then request that subsequent users of that contributed metadata give attribution to OCLC and the contributing institution.

Breeding, Marshall. Smarter Libraries through Technology: The OCLC Non-Event. July 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The topic sparking the most buzz in library tech circles at ALA's Annual Conference was the unfortunate turn of events surrounding OCLC leadership. OCLC had named Jack Blount as its new President and Chief Executive Officer on June 8, 2012 and then rescinded the appointment with a subsequent and surprising announcement. A letter from Larry Alford, chair of the OCLC Board of Trustees, to the organization's membership dated June 20, 2012, gave the first public statement of this dramatic change of course. Jay Jordan will continue at the helm. The expected duration of Jordan's extended tenure as President and CEO of OCLC was not immediately announced as the organization defines a new executive selection process.

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC Navigates the Realm of Open Linked Data. June 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. OCLC's stance on linked data and open data has become a key topic of interest for libraries. OCLC has been involved with the Semantic Web and linked data as research projects for several years. It has released open data licenses for some of its ancillary products. Where the massive WorldCat database, OCLC's prime strategic asset, fits into plans for open data remains a pressing concern for librarians. Through a series of actions, OCLC has demonstrated a progressively more open approach to the information assets under its stewardship.

Breeding, Marshall. OCLC Launches the WorldShare Brand and Wins an ARL Member. March 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. OCLC announced WorldShare License Manager based on the OCLC WorldShare Platform to offer a complete set of services to help libraries manage their subscriptions to electronic resources. This product makes use of the OCLC WorldCat knowledge base, which holds data describing the universe of specific holdings that can be accessed via the electronic resource packages available to libraries. Functionality offered by the WorldShare License Manager includes selection, acquisition, and management of electronic resources as well as link resolution. The application manages related to vendors, subscription details, license terms, and access restrictions.

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News Announcements

July 18, 2024. Essen Public Library to modernize its library system with OCLC's BIBLIOTHECAnext. OCLC welcomes Essen Public Library as the most recent major public library to announce the move from its current library system to BIBLIOTHECAnext, the newest generation of the market-leading system used by some 4,000 libraries in German-speaking countries in Europe. Large public libraries such as Frankfurt, Bielefeld, and Vienna are already working with BIBLIOTHECAnext. Other major users of the OCLC software include the public libraries in Bremen, Leipzig, Dresden, and Wuppertal.

July 10, 2024. Rockefeller Archive Center joins the OCLC Research Library Partnership. The Rockefeller Archive Center has joined the OCLC Research Library Partnership (RLP) as a Partner. The RAC collects, manages, preserves, and provides broad and equitable access to the historical records of philanthropy and other efforts to work on behalf of the public good to inspire critical analysis and contribution of knowledge to diverse learning communities throughout the world. It holds the archives of a large and growing number of philanthropic institutions, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and many other foundations and civil society organizations, as well as the papers of individuals associated with these organizations.

June 27, 2024. 31 new libraries sign on to OCLC's WorldShare Management Services platform. In the last six months, 31 new libraries have signed on to use OCLC's WorldShare Management Services (WMS), the fully integrated library services platform designed to meet the needs of modern libraries. In addition, other libraries have signed extended renewals of WMS this year, reinforcing their commitment to OCLC's shared data network and technology for more efficient workflows. More than 850 libraries have signed on to use WMS worldwide.

June 24, 2024. New OCLC position paper articulates the value of linked data to the library community. OCLC, the worldwide leader in library cataloging and metadata services, has released “Linked data: The future of library cataloging,” a position paper that articulates the value that linked data can bring to library catalogs, and the tools already available to help ease libraries into creating a more interconnected experience for information seekers.

June 19, 2024. WorldCat Entities URIs now automatically added to WorldCat records for newly controlled headings. Earlier this year, OCLC enriched more than 400 million WorldCat records with Worldcat Entities uniform resource identifiers. OCLC announced the extension of this initiative to routinely enhance WorldCat record quality through the automated addition of WorldCat Entities URIs to WorldCat records.

June 18, 2024. Vanderbilt University's Heard Libraries join OCLC Research Library Partnership. The Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries at Vanderbilt University have strengthened their commitment to innovation and collaborative scholarship by joining the OCLC Research Library Partnership. A multinational community of research libraries, the OCLC RLP is dedicated to improving library practice through professional development, collaborative research and information sharing.

June 10, 2024. Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries are now live with OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups. Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries are now live using the new OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups, the state-of-the-art solution that reimagines resource sharing for library groups and consortia. OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups is a modern consortial borrowing solution that expedites delivery of digital and print items to library users. Participating libraries have all the tools needed to easily lend and borrow resources from group members. If a request can't be filled within the group, it seamlessly scales out to regional partners and to OCLC's global resource sharing network of more than 10,000 libraries, without any staff intervention. The solution also builds on smart fulfillment functionality for fast, predictable delivery based on local policies, group profiles, available resources, library relationships, and user needs—with first-supplier fill rates at 90-95 percent.

June 3, 2024. OCLC acquires firm to help higher education institutions with software decisions and implementations. OCLC has acquired JJH Consulting, a firm that specializes in advising institutions of higher education on how to maximize the value of their enterprise resource planning business processes and the implementation of Workday enterprise systems and software. The acquisition will expand OCLC's service profile and enable the organization to work with higher education institutions to help determine the best use of systems and services to fit their specific needs. Workday is a leading cloud-based financial, human capital management, and student information system that engages with external firms to advise, implement, and optimize their innovative systems. JJH Consulting has been a Workday Advisory Partner since 2018. OCLC has used Workday since 2015.

May 30, 2024. Clemson University Libraries joins the OCLC Research Library Partnership. Clemson Libraries provides research and information resources and services to the students, faculty, staff, and community patrons of Clemson University, a public, land-grant research university located in Upstate South Carolina. With more than 28,700 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 6,280 faculty and staff, Clemson offers degree programs in more than 100 majors.

May 28, 2024. CEU selects OCLC's WorldShare Management Services to manage 20 libraries that serve over 96,000 users in Spain. The Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU has selected OCLC's WorldShare Management Services as its fully integrated library services platform to handle all essential functions of its diverse institutions' libraries in Spain. In addition to providing a library services platform to bring CEU libraries together, OCLC will create a single catalog of collections from participating institutions to search through one interface.

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Corporate Chronology

Jul 01, 2020 Capira Technologies becomes part of OCLC
Capira Technologies is now part of OCLC starting July 1, 2020.

May 31, 2019 Springshare acquires QuestionPoint from OCLC
OCLC has divested its QuestionPoint online reference service, selling the product to Springshare, a commercial company offering a variety of products, mostly focusing on public-facing library services delivered through a software-as-a-service platform. This product, officially branded as the Question- Point 24/7 Reference Cooperative, has been offered to libraries as a subscription service since 2002.

Jan 13, 2015 OCLC acquires Sustainable Collection Services
OCLC has acquired Sustainable Collection Services, the industry leader in helping libraries manage their print collections. OCLC maintains WorldCat, the largest aggregation of library data in the world, as well as the world's largest library resource sharing network. SCS is the leader in analyzing print collection data to help libraries manage and share their materials. SCS services leverage WorldCat data and analytics to show individual libraries and library consortia which titles should be kept locally, which can be discarded, and which are the best candidates for shared collections. All four SCS staff members will join OCLC as employees including its former executive director Rick Lugg.

Oct 01, 2013 OCLC acquires Huijsmans en Kuijpers Automatisering for $10,311,000
OCLC has acquired the shares of Huijsmans en Kuijpers Automatisering (HKA), a Dutch organization that develops, implements and manages systems for libraries, educational and cultural organizations. The addition of HKA, which offers the Wise line of library systems and services, enhances and extends OCLC services for libraries in the Netherlands. OCLC currently manages the infrastructure for interlibrary loan for many Dutch libraries and offers cataloging services through the GGC, the Dutch shared cataloging system, and the WorldCat global shared cataloging system. OCLC and HKA staff will now work together to accelerate the development and delivery of innovative services for libraries.

Dec 2012 Capira Technologies founded by Ted Gutmann, Robert Johnson, and Michael Berse
Capira Technologies founded by Michael Berse

Apr 18, 2011 OCLC acquires the assets of German library system provider, BOND GmbH for $5,915,400
OCLC acquires the assets of German library system provider, BOND GmbH and Co. KG. BOND, based in Böhl-Iggelheim, near Mannheim, is a leading integrated system provider for public libraries in German speaking countries. From the 2011 OCLC Annual Report: Effective April 15, 2011, OCLC EMEA B.V. acquired certain assets and related liabilities of B.O.N.D. GmbH & Co.KG (BOND), a German software development organization specializing in library management systems for 4,100,000 Euros ($5,915,400). The agreement allows for additional consideration of up to a maximum of 1,500,000 Euros that may be paid if BOND achieves predefined revenue targets during fiscal year 2012. The fair value of the contingency is deemed to be zero at June 30, 2011. The purchase was accounted for by the acquisition method of accounting. Assets acquired, primarily software of 4,823,600 Euros ($6,959,500) and liabilities assumed, primarily contract performance liabilities of 723,600 Euros ($1,044,100) were based on their fair values at the date of acquisition. BOND’s operations subsequent to the date of the sale are included in the consolidated financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2011, and its revenues for the two and a half months ended June 30, 2011, were $283,000.

Mar 17, 2010 OCLC sells NetLibrary to EBSCO Publishing for $7,867,200
From the 2009/10 OCLC Annual Report: On March 17, 2010, OCLC sold the assets of the NetLibrary Division (including the NetLibrary platform, operations and infrastructure in Boulder, Colorado) and the rights to license a select number of vendor-owned databases previously sold on the OCLC FirstSearch service to EBSCO Publishing for $7,867,200 and assumption of related liabilities. The transition services agreement between OCLC and EBSCO Publishing ($230,000 annually for an initial term of three years) ensures that all NetLibrary eBooks have been placed in a dark archive at OCLC and OCLC will continue to make OCLC- MARC records available for download by the relevant library for NetLibrary eBooks as well as providing library holdings synchronization. OCLC recognized a gain on the sale of $21,666,500.

Mar 17, 2010 EBSCO Publishing acquires the NetLibrary Division from OCLC
OCLC and EBSCO Publishing signed an agreement whereby EBSCO will purchase the assets of the OCLC NetLibrary Division and the rights to license a select number of vendor-owned databases currently available through the OCLC FirstSearch service. The purchase includes the NetLibrary eBook and eAudiobook platform as well as operations and infrastructure in Boulder, Colorado.

Aug 01, 2009 OCLC sells Preservation Service Center to Backstage Library Works
From the OCLC 2009/10 Annual Report: Effective August 1, 2009, OCLC sold the assets of its Preservation Service Center operation to Backstage Library Works, Inc. for $100,000 cash, $313,500 promissory note (paid in full on October 1, 2009), and a royalty of up to $1,750,000. The royalty agreement has a seven-year term and requires 4% of revenues above $300,000 per year, payable quarterly. The first $1,000,000 of royalty is secured by personal guarantee and a life insurance policy. The royalties above $1,000,000 will be recognized as payments are received. The building in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was purchased by Backstage Library Works, Inc. on November 2, 2009, for $1,400,000. OCLC recognized a total gain on the sale of $822,400 including the discounted guaranteed royalty receivable of $717,100.

Sep 12, 2008 OCLC acquires Amlib for $2,477,800 (US)

From the 2009 OCLC Annual report: Effective July 1, 2008, OCLC EMEA B.V. acquired certain assets and related liabilities of Amlib Pty. Ltd., (“Amlib”) the Australian software development organization specializing in library management solutions for 2,600,000 Australian dollars ($2,477,800). The purchase was accounted for by the purchase method of accounting. Assets acquired of 2,796,200 Australian dollars ($2,644,700) and liabilities assumed of 427,500 Australian dollars ($407,300) were based on their fair market values at the date of acquisition. Goodwill, representing the excess of cost over fair value of assets acquired of 231,300 Australian dollars ($220,400) was recorded and is included in fixed assets. Amlib’s operations subsequent to the date of the sale are included in the consolidated financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2009.

OCLC has acquired Amlib, the Australian software development organisation specialising in library management solutions. Amlib, based in Rowville and Perth, Australia, serves libraries in Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Amlib library management solution is particularly popular amongst school, public and special libraries, because of the combination of comprehensive functionality, high reliability and attractive pricing. It further complements the existing OCLC portfolio of integrated library management systems, a market where OCLC has established a strong presence in recent years. As a result of the acquisition, 11 Amlib staff members will become part of the OCLC Australia office, under the direction of Chris Thewlis.

Jan 11, 2008 OCLC acquires EZproxy from Useful Utilities for $600,000
From the 2009 OCLC Annual Report: Effective January 11, 2008, OCLC acquired certain assets and related liabilities of Useful Utilities, LLC, (“EZproxy”) the owner of the EZproxy software for $600,000. EZproxy provides libraries a solution for authenticating remote user access to licensed databases. The purchase was accounted for by the purchase method of accounting. Assets acquired of $600,000 and liabilities assumed of $395,400 were based on their fair market values at the date of acquisition. Goodwill, representing the excess of cost over fair value of assets acquired, of $395,400 was recorded and is included in fixed assets. EZproxy’s operations subsequent to the date of the sale are included in the consolidated financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2008.

Jan 01, 2008 OCLC EMEA B.V. sells its shares of Strata Preservation N.V. $331,000 to KMM Group
OCLC EMEA B.V. sold its shares of Strata Preservation N.V. for 225,000 Euros ($331,000) to KMM Group.

Jul 03, 2007 OCLC acquires remaining shares of OCLC PICA
Effective July 1, 2007 OCLC EMEA B.V. repurchased the outstanding shares from its minority shareholder Stitchting Pica effectively becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of OCLC for 10,272000 Euros or $13,903,200

Jan 19, 2007 Eric van Lubeek appointed Director of Operations and Services of OCLC PICA
van Lubeek was previously Managing Director of Infor Library Solutions.

Aug 14, 2006 OCLC acquires DiMeMa, Inc. for $3,912,200
From the 2006 OCLC Annual Report: On August 14, 2006, OCLC through OCLC Information Distribution, Inc., acquired DiMeMa, Inc., the organization that developed and supports CONTENTdm, for $3,912,200, which approximates the value of the software intangible.

Jul 01, 2006 OCLC acquires Research Libraries group
From the 2006 OCLC Annual Report: Effective July 1, 2006, OCLC combined operations with The Research Libraries Group, Inc. (“RLG”). The fair values of assets acquired with the transaction were approximately $2.8 million and liabilities assumed were approximately $7.1 million with goodwill expected to be approximately $4.3 million. that will be evaluated for impairment.

May 03, 2006 OCLC announces agreement to acquire Research Libraries Group

Jan 03, 2006 OCLC acquires Openly Informatics for $1,950,000
From the 2006 OCLC Annual Report: On January 1, 2006, OCLC acquired certain assets and related liabilities of Openly Informatics, Inc., a global knowledge base provider for $1,950,000.

Nov 03, 2005 OCLC PICA acquires Fretwell-Downing Informatics for $8,913,100
According to the 2006 OCLC Annual Report: FDI—On November 2, 2005, OCLC PICA B.V. purchased Fretwell-Downing Group, Ltd. and subsidiaries (“FDI”), a provider of digital library solutions, for 7,383,600 Euros ($8,913,100 at November 2, 2005).

Jun 27, 2005 OCLC PICA acquires Sisis Informationssysteme for $4,504,700
According to the OCLC 2006 Annual Report: SISIS—Effective July 1, 2005, OCLC PICA B.V. purchased library management systems provider Sisis Informationssysteme GmbH and subsidiary (“Sisis”) for 3,769,500 Euros ($4,504,700 at July 1, 2005).

May 27, 2005 OCLC PICA acquires a majority share in Strata Preservation in The Hague.
Strata Preservation specializes in high-end preservation services, for fragile and unique materials that cultural heritage institutions want to preserve and make more easily accessible to the public. Strata Preservation N.V. was established in 2002 as a joint venture of American-based OCLC Inc (60 %) and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (40 %). OCLC PICA B.V., also a Dutch company and itself owned by OCLC Inc (60 %) and Stichting Pica (40 %), has now taken over the share that OCLC Inc had in Strata Preservation. On top of the synergy advantages mentioned earlier, this means that Strata Preservation can now be managed more directly in a time that national and international microfilming and digitization are expected to take off. Strata Preservation currently employs a staff of almost 20.

Aug 2004 OCLC absorbs 24/7 Reference Service from Metropolitan Cooperative Library System

Nov 12, 2003 OCLC acquires CAPCON
On June 17, 2003, the membership of CAPCON approved an agreement that enabled the nonprofit OCLC regional service provider to become the OCLC CAPCON Service Center. OCLC purchased CAPCON and created OCLC CAPCON, an OCLC-owned service center to offer education and support for all OCLC products and services. On November 12, the CAPCON Library Network officially became the OCLC CAPCON Service Center.

Apr 16, 2002 Rein van Charldorp appointed Managing Director of OCLC PICA

Apr 20, 2001 InfoVision Technology assumes support for Altarama Systems library management products
InfoVision Technology and Altarama Systems have concluded an agreement for InfoVision Technology to provide support for the Altarama library software products and a migration path for all Altarama customers (using Data*Library, VTLS or Virtua) to InfoVision's Windows based Amlib Library Management System.

Apr 1999 OCLC acquires 60 percent ownership of PICA BV for $8.7 million
OCLC acquires sixty-percent ownership of PICA, with forty percent retained by the Stichting Pica. From the 1999 OCLC Annual Report: "Effective December 23, 1999, OCLC acquired 35 percent equity interest in Pica B.V. for $5.4 million from the Pica Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Pica B.V. provides cataloging, interlibrary loan, local and end-user (reference) services to libraries in the Netherlands, France and Germany. Subsequently, on September 29, 2000, OCLC acquired an additional 25 percent of Pica B.V. shares for $3.3 million, bringing OCLC’s total share to 60 percent as prescribed in the agreement with Pica Foundation. For the six months ended June 30, 2000, Pica B.V. recorded revenues of $3.9 million and a positive result after taxes of $397,200. OCLC’s equity share is reflected in the condensed consolidated financial statements in “Other Income.” Pica B.V. complements the activities of OCLC Europe, the Middle East & Africa, based in Birmingham, England. Both organizations are self-supporting from revenues generated by system use in their regions."

1999 OCLC acquires Library Technical Services (LTS)
OCLC acquires the Winnipeg, Canada-based Library Technical Services (LTS). OCLC LTS provides original and copy cataloging as well as physical processing of materials for libraries.

Jan 1999 OCLC acquires WLN
OCLC Pacific merged with the Western Library Network (WLN) to form OCLC/WLN Pacific Northwest Service Center. This organization is now named OCLC Western.

May 11, 1998 Robert L. (Jay) Jordan becomes President and CEO of OCLC
The Board of Trustees of OCLC Online Computer Library Center has named Robert L. "Jay" Jordan as president and chief executive officer. Mr. Jordan, 55, a business executive, will become the fourth president in OCLC’s 31-year history in May 1998, succeeding K. Wayne Smith, who is stepping down after nearly 10 years. Mr. Jordan is currently president, new business development, Information Handling Services Group, Englewood, Colorado.

Oct 1997 OCLC acquires Blackwell North America's authority control service business

Jul 1997 OCLC sells Information Dimensions to Gores Technology Group.
IDI became part of OpenText in June 1998.

1997 Pica takes a majority share in new-founded company ALS International Limited
Pica has been able to consolidate its position on the market of local library systems by taking a majority share in the new-founded company ALS International Limited, established in Stevenage, England. A close co-operation between ALSI and Pica in the area of software development for local library systems will bear its fruit in the years to come. (Pica 1997 Annual Report

Jun 1993 OCLC Acquires Information Dimensions, Inc., from Battelle Memorial Institute

Apr 1990 Ameritech acquires LS/2000 from OCLC
Ameritech acquires the rights to the library automation products of the OCLC Local Systems Division, including LS/2, LS/2000, ACQ-350, and SC350.

1985 OCLC acquires MetaMicro
OCLC acquired Metamicro, a microcomputer-based software product which later evolved into OCLCs SC350 serials control system

Aug 1983 OCLC acquires Avatar
OCLC acquires Avatar to assist in the development of LS/2000

Apr 1982 OCLC purchased Total Library System from The Claremont Colleges
Purchased Total Library System from The Claremont Colleges in California. HP/3000 based system.

Jul 06, 1967 Ohio College Library Center founded
The colleges and universities in the state of Ohio founded the Ohio College Library Center to create a computerized system for the libraries of Ohio academic institutions.

WorldShare Management Services Satisfaction Ratings

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Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 OCLC Accomplishments Narrative

In 2023, OCLC delivered both transformational and continuous improvements to infrastructure, products, services, and research—all for the benefit of libraries and the communities they serve.

OCLC’s focus to accelerate library innovation, increase libraries’ impact, and improve workflow efficiency has only intensified. OCLC has invested tens of millions of dollars on security, compliance, and systems—from DDoS mitigation tools to global disaster recovery systems to ISO, GDPR, and FedRAMP compliance, all to ensure that systems are there when the world’s libraries need us.

In 2023, OCLC took impressive steps forward to enhance its shared infrastructure, create efficiency, and innovate through research, library services, and technologies.


WorldCat makes library collections findable and accessible. WorldCat as a cataloging resource allows libraries to dramatically reduce time spent on cataloging and collection development by uniquely enabling libraries to share metadata contributions by libraries, by publishers, and by OCLC. And it’s a global leader in electronic as well as print metadata, supporting 6,500 languages in 135 scripts.

OCLC continued to improve WorldCat record quality in 2023. Data quality staff merged, corrected, and enriched 63.2 million bibliographic records. The library community merged, corrected, and enriched an additional 16.4 million records. Working with more than 300 library staff across the community, OCLC enhanced machine-learning models that now make it possible to improve metadata quality management at a scale that humans alone cannot match.

E-resource content grew to 146 million digital items. These efforts improve discovery of and provide one-click access to these valuable resources for library users. In 2023, WorldCat had 4 billion records that contain article metadata with links to full text, and e-resources in WorldCat services increased 12 percent. These included 63 million e-books; 83 million digital content items (e-journals, e-maps, e-scores, e-videos, streaming music, audiobooks); and 115 million open-access items

At the end of the year, the WorldCat knowledge base used for managing e-resources included 25,506 collections from 660 providers comprising 71.4 million records, a 12 percent growth in collections, and a 14 percent growth in records from last year. Libraries meet the challenges of hybrid, remote, and on-site user needs by using our knowledge base for fast access, continual expansion of available e-resources and content providers, and fostering new approaches to collection management.

Resource Sharing services

OCLC is partnering with the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) to advance development of OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups, a new solution that reimagines resource sharing with a focus on library groups and consortia.

OCLC and the BTAA are working together to support the evolution of BTAA's UBorrow service, which offers access to more than 90 million books from the collections of 15 university libraries and the Center for Research Libraries, as part of OCLC's Resource Sharing for Groups. OCLC's vision for this solution is consistent with the BTAA's goals for the BIG Collection resource sharing, which focuses on the unique needs of libraries that want to share in new ways to meet the changing needs of the user community.

OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups is a modern consortial borrowing solution that expedites delivery of digital and print items to library users. Participating libraries have all the tools needed to easily lend and borrow resources from group members. If a request can't be filled within the group, it seamlessly scales out to regional partners and to OCLC's global interlibrary loan (ILL) network, without any staff intervention. The solution also builds on smart fulfillment functionality for fast, predictable delivery based on local policies, group profiles, available resources, library relationships, and user needs—with first-supplier fill rates at 90-95 percent.

OCLC’s Express digital delivery program, the fastest ILL service in the market, surpassed the 1 million mark for filled copy requests, including e-articles and other digital resources.

WorldShare Management Services

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) is the first cloud-based library services platform and only WMS is built with WorldCat as its foundation. By focusing on library efficiency, WMS allows library staff to better meet the learning and research needs of onsite, hybrid, and remote users. With cataloging, circulation, acquisitions, e-resource management, and resource sharing capabilities, WMS makes it possible for libraries to direct their limited resources to create the greatest impact and easily extend their reach beyond their own electronic and print collections.

In 2023, more than 200 enhancements were added to WorldShare Management Services (WMS)—more than 70 percent of which were based on community input. More than 750 libraries (exact numbers to come) in 27 countries have now selected WMS as their library services platform.

WorldCat Discovery

The WorldCat Discovery central index added 42 new content collections from 13 content providers, including five new providers. At the end of 2023, OCLC now has agreements with 418 publishers and information providers to include metadata for 3,135 collections of books, e-books, journals, databases, and other materials from these global publishers to the central index, representing more than 4.7 billion records.

In 2023, OCLC introduced the Arabic Discovery Catalog, a new initiative that brings together bibliographic records from libraries located in Arab countries into one catalog to enhance the discoverability and visibility of these collections for international research. The Arabic Discovery Catalog currently includes records of more than 3.8 million Arabic resources and continues to grow, making it one of the most comprehensive bibliographic resources of Arabic culture.

OCLC staff have indexed records in Arabic and taken steps to ensure that sorting and searching of results are accurately displayed to deliver an intuitive and seamless discovery experience using Arabic script. The Arabic Discovery Catalog is built on the WorldCat Discovery platform, the discovery solution developed by OCLC that makes it possible for people easily find and get resources available in libraries worldwide through a single search.

Global Growth

Using OCLC technology, the National Institute of Informatics launched a new national cataloging platform for 1,300 libraries in Japan. The NACSIS cataloging system and the new Japanese union catalog accommodate multiple metadata types, including MARC21 and CAT‐P, a unique format used in Japan, and are enhancing discovery and access to Japanese research.

Chaoyang University of Technology went live with WorldShare Management Services (WMS), the first university in Taiwan to adopt WMS.

OCLC partnered with Spanish Public Administration special libraries to develop BIBLESPAGE (Bibliotecas Especializadas de la Administración General del Estado), a union catalog of the libraries’ resources built on WorldCat® Discovery.

Royal Library of Belgium signed an agreement to add all of its Dutch and French publication records to WorldCat. This agreement helps the Royal Library enrich its data with WorldCat identifiers and helps its collection be more visible on the web.

OCLC can now claim WorldShare Management Services customers on six continents. Comfenalco Antioquia Libraries became the first library in Colombia to adopt WMS.

Choreo Inisghts

OCLC's new Choreo Insights library analytics solution makes it possible for libraries that are seeking to better align academic library collections with institutional priorities, new and emerging curriculum needs, and future trends.

Using WorldCat holdings data, Choreo Insights is a flexible solution that enables confident collection development decisions by comparing detailed subject breakdowns of local collections with overlap and gap analysis of any other library or group in WorldCat.

Libraries can map collections directly to academic programs using CIP (Classification of Institutional Programs) mapping. They can also use Library of Congress classifications, FAST subject headings, simple title text searches, and more to see how collections stack up.

Analysis can take only seconds to perform and is not limited to one-time reports and static snapshots. Libraries can try a variety of analysis scenarios, such as comparing institutions with programs they hold in high esteem, or trim results based on years of publication and other facets.

Choreo Insights enables libraries to better analyze and address collection diversity issues. Choreo Insights is an essential tool for any academic institution in need of assessment and collection development analysis to build complementary and interdependent DEI collections.

Linked data

OCLC continued to move toward the future of library metadata by building a comprehensive, sustainable linked data ecosystem. In 2023, OCLC added more entities and entity types—7.5 million new Place entities—to enrich the data set. OCLC also released an initial version of a data model/ontology to developers to support work on entity creation interfaces. In addition, OCLC developed the capability to ingest BIBFRAME 2.x formatted data and convert it to MARC for inclusion in WorldCat. This ecosystem will facilitate data creation, editing, and curation; management of authoritative data; and integration of data across disparate workflows to improve discoverability of library collections.

Upgraded infrastructure

In 2023, OCLC upgraded its global server infrastructure, which resulted in a significant reduction in power consumption. OCLC also transitioned to a new data storage medium that ensures swift access with less power and cooling. OCLC also took tangible steps to increase security and reduce downtime, and added security layers for storing and transferring data.


Implementation of the unified library system for Cultuurconnect in Belgium was finished in March 2023, resulting in 305 Dutch-speaking public libraries across Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region transitioning to Wise.

OCLC completed work on a brand-new schoolWise® portal in the Netherlands. With more than 1,500 elementary schools using schoolWise, it’s an established market leader in this segment.

Wise was adopted by Biblioteka Públiko Boneiru, the public library on Bonaire, as its new library system, and schoolWise was chosen as a library system for elementary schools.

Mobile Technology

CapiraMobile, LendingKey™, and MuseumKey™ once again received platinum and gold awards in 2023 in LibraryWorks’ ninth annual Modern Library Awards. Additionally, OCLC welcomed 88 new institutions to the Capira family in the US.

EZproxy broadens access to worldwide library collections

EZproxy® became FedRAMP-compliant. FedRAMP, a US federal government-wide compliance program, provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Receiving this certification gives libraries the confidence that they can deliver secure and reliable access to electronic resources.

OCLC Research

As library staff and leaders navigated unknown, fast-paced change during the past few years, OCLC Research synthesized emerging insights to produce research, resources, tools, and infrastructure to support libraries. In 2023, OCLC published several research reports, including: Library Collaboration as a Strategic Choice: Evaluating Options for Acquiring Capacity; Sustaining Art Research Collections: Using Data to Explore Collaboration; Sustaining Art Research Collections: Case Studies in Collaboration; and The Public Health Crisis Management Playbook for Archives, Libraries, and Museums.


OCLC WebJunction celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its founding, WebJunction, the learning place for libraries, has helped more than 215,000 library staff build knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver transformational services. In 2023, WebJunction’s Course Catalog continued to provide excellent free, continuing education opportunities for library staff to engage in professional development.

Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

OCLC continues to be fully committed in its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), demonstrating that commitment both within its own communities and among companies across many industries.

Computerworld’s 2023 Best Places to Work in IT annual list awarded OCLC first place recognition for diversity programming strategies among midsize organizations worldwide.

DEI courses on OCLC’s WebJunction continued to grow, with 13 live webinars hosted during 2023 that address DEI topics. These webinars garnered more than 10,000 registrants and 3,900 total attendees for the live sessions, and more than 5,600 learners who viewed the webinar recordings in the WebJunction catalog.

OCLC’s Reimagine Descriptive Workflows research, which outlines challenges around inclusive and reparative metadata work, is shifting library strategies. The cataloging and metadata team at the British Library uses this research as a tool for benchmarking outcomes in efforts to become a more inclusive organization.

WebJunction’s new Digital Collections Stewardship Course Series brings a community-centered focus to digital collections, offering opportunities for libraries to represent a diversity of experiences and voices that may be missing from physical collections.

A new WorldCat Discovery feature enables library staff to locally remap subject headings to hide sensitive language and facilitate a more inclusive experience for library users in their communities. This DEI initiative aims to reduce harm in item description. Library staff collaborate through a shared template that enables them to benefit from contributions of other WorldCat Discovery libraries.

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