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200 S. Wilcox Street Suite 332
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
United States
Phone: 968-522-352

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. OdiloTID to empower libraries to manage their Digital Collections following the DCL Model and the ReadersFirst Principles.. June 24, 2013. . OdiloTID, the leading eBook system provider for libraries in Spain and Latin America, is partnering with the library and publisher community to facilitate the adoption of the concepts of the "DCL Model" developed by the Douglas County Libraries, CO. We enable libraries to directly negotiate with publishers and reduce their cost of acquisition of digital content by a third. We provide integration with all major Integrated Library Management Systems through the use of Robust APIs to create a user friendly interface for patrons.

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May 23, 2024. MTN elevates talent growth with ODILO, the award-winning Edtech global company. Leading technology and telecommunications company, MTN, has significantly enhanced its professional development capabilities with the successful implementation of ODILO's Unlimited Learning Ecosystem. The ecosystem drives their newly rebranded MTN ULearn solution, underscoring MTN's commitment to employee growth and its position as a market leader in the global and African ICT industry. After a thorough selection process, MTN chose ODILO as its strategic learning partner in April 2023. ODILO distinguished itself with its intuitive, Netflix-like user experience, delivered through the MTN ULearn virtual campus. It also offers a vast content library from over 19,000 publishers (e-books, podcasts, courses, etc.), available on-demand. MTN ULearn's integration capabilities allow for partnerships with specialized vendors, providing focused micro-learning courses. This comprehensive approach aligns with MTN's goal of democratizing learning for all employees.

July 8, 2022. Odilo levanta 60M€ de inversión para llevar sus soluciones de archivo y biblioteca a todas las instituciones. Odilo, scaleup conocida globalmente como el Netflix/Spotify de la educación, anunció el cierre de su ronda de financiación por un valor de 60 millones de euros, liderada por la firma de growth capital, Bregal Milestone. Esta ronda es la mayor conseguida por una compañía del sector de educación tecnológica que, entre sus productos, también ofrece soluciones de bibliotecas, archivo y preservación digital en la historia de España y de Europa. Odilo detectó que, pese a la importante inversión realizada por las instituciones en soluciones de tecnología, las necesidades reales de la administración no quedaban del todo cubiertas. Es habitual encontrar en una misma administración diferentes plataformas que, incluso tienen funcionalidades similares, pero que no se comunican entre sí; o aplicaciones totalmente desfasadas, que no avanzan al ritmo al que lo hacen las tecnologías.

January 16, 2020. ODILO partners with the national library of the Netherlands to boost their digital library. ODILO has been awarded the international tender to become a provider of e-lending services to the national library of the Netherlands, which can be accessed by over 17 million Dutch people. ODILO will provide the new ODILO 3.0 service to the national library of the Netherlands; the technology recently launched by the Spanish company uses Artificial Intelligence to provide optimized access to digital library resources.

February 8, 2019. The European Parliament showcases ODILO as a model of success for Education in Europe. On February 6, 2019, the European Parliament in Brussels hosted a special session discussing and showcasing proven solutions designed to create a Digital Single Market in Europe. ODILO was handpicked out of thousands of projects funded successfully realized with EU funds from the last years, and recognized as a true categorical leader that is creating real impact in education and general welfare for the European community. The company’s success is underpinned by its distinctive offering of “intelligent digital libraries” and “personalised virtual classrooms” which have been specially designed to improve equity in education and raise literacy and language learning levels in European educational institutions.

January 30, 2018. Odilo se incorpora a Library Simplified de la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York. La empresa española Odilo se incorpora como proveedor del proyecto Library Simplified liderado y promovido por la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York (NYPL) en colaboración con algunas de las bibliotecas más importantes de Estados Unidos, una vez finalizado de forma satisfactoria la integración técnica entre Odilo y la aplicación Simply-e.

November 4, 2017. Odilo provides ISO CERTIFIED environment to manage and preserve digital content. In keeping with Odilo's tradition of continuous development and adaptation to technology trends and industry standards, we have achieved ISO certifications for our services and solutions to ensure best in class security, quality, and reliability. The result is an ISO certified environment for our digital content management solutions for libraries, archives and cloud digital preservation.

August 30, 2017. Back to school with ODILO - Sesame Street titles now available. ODILO, an innovative global leader in the eBook industry, is celebrating the back-to-school season with a collection from their newest publisher, Sesame Workshop, and special eBook sales from Hachette and Macmillan.

August 15, 2017. ODILO chosen by European Commission to help boost literacy in schools. ODILO has been selected by the European Commission to provide their digital reading platform to European schools and universities.

June 19, 2017. ODILO continues rapid growth in U.S.. Since 2016, ODILO, a global and innovative leader in the eBook industry, has experienced tremendous growth with their North American expansion. With 140% increase in new customers and close to a 500% increase in new publishing partners, ODILO continues to be a popular new eResource for libraries of all sizes.

June 1, 2017. Flood victims receive free eBooks. ODILO will provide all children in Peru with free technology due to the horrible floods that wreaked havoc there at the end of March 2017. ODILO allows for the management, distribution, consumption, auditing, and preservation of all types of digital conten.

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