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470 Ramona Street
Palo Alto, California 94301
United States
Phone: 650-319-8867

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Alexander Nietzold
Alexander Nietzold
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Kari Paulson
Kari Paulson
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Audun  Bjørkøy
Audun Bjørkøy
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Ryder Gaddis
Ryder Gaddis
Vice President of Implementation Services
photo of Andrew French
Andrew French
Vice President, Product
photo of Kenneth Hole
Kenneth Hole
Co-founder and Project Manager

Company Ownership

TIND is privately owned by its founders and backed by CERN.

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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TIND 202296217
TIND 202185215
TIND 2020532212
TIND 2019531211
TIND 201863211
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TIND 2016622110

Documents or articles featuring TIND

Breeding, Marshall. TIND RDM: A New Platform for Research Data Management. July 2017. Smart Libraries Newsletter. TIND has developed modules for its platform to provide the functionality needed to support the preservation and management of research data. This product, the TIND RDM, includes support for the DataCite metadata scheme developed to identify research data sets and facilitate their citation and retrieval (see TIND has incorporated support for the DataCite 4.0, the latest version of this schema into their platform and has worked with Caltech to create the functionality needed to support the management of research data. The product can make use of cloud-based services to accommodate the storage of research data sets that often require very large-scale capacity.

Breeding, Marshall. TIND Technologies and Invenio: A New Model of Automation for Research Libraries. August 2015. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Invenio, developed under the auspices of CERN is open source software created to address the major areas of involvement for libraries associated with research organizations. The software can be used to support institutional repositories, manage digital assets or multimedia content, provide digital preservation, manage data sets associated with research projects, and to manage library materials. Invenio has been most widely implemented to support institutional and disciplinary repositories but is seeing adoption to support these other activities. As interest in Invenio expanded beyond the community of institutions closely affiliated with CERN, it established TIND Technologies as a new commercial company to promote and provide professional services.

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News Announcements

March 22, 2024. Phillips Exeter Academy selects TIND Digital Archive. Phillips Exeter Academy, a renowned U.S. preparatory school, has selected TIND Digital Archive. This partnership marks an important step in the school's efforts to organize, preserve, and make accessible its extensive collection of historical photos, videos, and correspondence while also providing a user-friendly browsing experience for its patrons.

March 20, 2024. The University of Southern Indiana selects TIND Digital Archive to host their digital collections. The University of Southern Indiana has selected TIND DA, adding their third TIND product in three years. TIND DA will be integrated into their existing TIND ILS and TIND IR install, further improving discoverability and accessibility to their collections.

March 5, 2024. The MUNCH Museum selects TIND ILS. The Munch Museum Library research library has selected TIND ILS as its new library system. The MUNCH research library collection includes all documentation and accrued knowledge about Edvard Munch and consists of about 30.000 items, including Edvard Munch's personal book collection.

January 26, 2024. TIND Digital Archive has been selected by the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library. e Warren-Trumbull County Public Library has joined TIND's expanding user group of public libraries by selecting the TIND Digital Archive. WTCPL will be migrating from Omeka. The library is looking forward to enhancing the discoverability and long-term preservation of their diverse collection of photographs, postcards, illustrations, and documents.

December 1, 2023. TIND launches new video player feature with automatic transcoding. TIND has introduced the first iteration of the newly developed Video Player. With automatic transcoding for unmatched playback quality and an admin dashboard for efficient content management, the player simplifies the video upload process and ensures a superior viewing experience across various file formats. This announcement underlines TIND's dedication to institutions with significant video collections, providing a simple solution for effortlessly upload and video streaming capabilities for all end users through the TIND platform.

October 20, 2023. TIND announces Author Profiles for TIND RDM and TIND IR. TIND announced the launch of Author Profiles as the highlight of the 1.19 release. Author Profiles showcases the works of local authors in a dedicated author page and elevates the institutional repository's visibility with customizable branding. Authors create and manage their own profiles, supported, if needed, by local administration. The result is a uniform and easily navigable directory of local scholars. Author Profiles blends seamlessly into TIND's submission dashboard workflow, providing a comprehensive tool for managing institutional content from submission to discovery.

October 9, 2023. The World Food Program goes live on TIND IR. TIND announced that the United Nations World Food Programme has officially launched TIND IR, building on their existing TIND ILS platform. WFP`s move from Virtua ILS to TIND represents not only a change of systems but a leap forward in efficiency, accessibility, and ease of use for both staff and end-users. TIND IR and ILS within the same platform marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of WFP's technological infrastructure, providing essential discovery and management tools for their print and digital footprint.

September 11, 2023. CIF Southern Section goes live on TIND Digital Archive. TIND announced the official launch of the digital history archive for the California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section. The platform will serve as a central repository capturing over 110 years of articles, photographs, and multimedia materials documenting the history of education-based athletics in Southern California.

August 25, 2023. The Center for Research Libraries selects TIND Digital Archive. The Center for Research Libraries has selected TIND Digital Archive to transfer and host its vast digital collection of more than 40 million files. By moving to TIND DA's robust and scalable platform, CRL seeks to improve the discoverability and long-term preservation of these materials. Migrating from a locally created system, CRL highlighted TIND's user-friendly interface and the ability to handle batch operations as key reasons for their decision.

August 18, 2023. UN Human Rights goes live on TIND Institutional Repository. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has gone live on TIND IR. This collaboration aims to create a worldwide database of academic publications, UN documents, reports, and other resources on the impact of unilateral sanctions on human rights. The repository leverages TIND IR's comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface to ensure this vital collection is widely discoverable.

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Corporate Chronology

May 2013 TIND co-founded as a commercial CERN spin-off by Kenneth Hole and Alexander Nietzold
TIND Technologies AS was formed as a commercial CERN spin-off company in 2013, with Kenneth Hole and Alexander Nietzold as its co-founders.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 TIND Accomplishments Narrative

  • First customer successfully migrates from Alma to TIND ILS
  • University of Michigan selects TIND RDM
  • The Center for Research Libraries selects TIND DA to migrate their massive digital collections of +40M assets
  • TIND DA expands beyond academic and special library users, adds more public library customers
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